Season 2

Episode Guide

The Tooth Is Out There

S2 E10
May 16, 2024
While Margaret tries to save her struggling law firm by taking on a case involving a large cosmetics company with deep pockets, Todd is determined to crack an important FBI investigation that will seal the fate of Crest, Folding & Wright.

The Broker

S2 E9
May 09, 2024
While Margaret makes every employee at Crest, Folding & Wright work over the weekend on Gus' fairness hearing for a class action settlement, Todd begins investigating a secret case with the FBI where everyone at the firm is a potential suspect.

P.I.'s Wide Shut

S2 E8
May 02, 2024
While Margaret helps Susan serve justice for a tennis coach accused of drugging a teen athlete, Todd and Lyle embark on an epic office prank war.


S2 E7
Apr 25, 2024
Margaret and Todd team up to help a man who has been declared legally dead, even though he is very much alive.

Is the Jury Out?

S2 E6
Apr 18, 2024
Lawrence enlists Todd's services to find out the sexual orientation of a judge. Also, with her client's livelihood at stake, Margaret and Lyle search for a reluctant witness.

End on a High Note

S2 E5
Apr 11, 2024
Margaret and Todd defend international opera star, supreme diva and Lyle's mother, Jaqueline.

Dial Margaret for Murder

S2 E4
Mar 14, 2024
While in the hospital recovering from an emergency appendectomy, Todd is convinced he overheard a plot to murder someone. When Margaret realizes her clients are interested in Todd's theories, she jumps into the role of private investigator.

The Queen of Courts

S2 E3
Feb 29, 2024
Margaret and Todd defend the "Queen of Hearts" (Sandra Bernhard), a notoriously unscrupulous lawyer accused of orchestrating a fraudulent accident that resulted in the death of a "fake victim."

Your Day in Court

S2 E2
Feb 22, 2024
As Margaret and Todd work on two separate cases, Todd suspects a crime is happening in the courthouse right under their noses.

Iceland Was Horrible

S2 E1
Feb 15, 2024
Margaret and Todd tackle a case involving a murder on live local morning news and must rethink their working relationship after Todd decides to open his own PI business.