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    S2021 E0307 "Sunday Morning" Full Episode 3/7

    Hosted by Jane Pauley. In our cover story, Martha Teichner explores how a year of COVID may have changed our society. Plus: Tracy Smith talks with Regina King about her film directorial debut, "One Night in Miami"; Lee Cowan visits Point Roberts, Washington, a town isolated from the rest of the American mainland; David Martin explores the role of military veterans in the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol; Seth Doane examines how residents of a Northern Italian village are coping after a devastating year of COVID; Remy Inocencio travels to China in search of the origins of the coronavirus; David Pogue talks with biochemist Jennifer Doudna, co-creator of the gene-editing technology CRISPR, and Walter Isaacson, author of "The Code Breaker"; and Tracy Smith looks back at comedian Bob Hope's decades as an entertainer of American troops abroad.

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The sparkling notes of a trumpet fanfare and the familiar logo of the sun alert viewers that it's time for CBS's Sunday morning staple. Journalist Jane Pauley helms the show, taking over hosting duties from Charles Osgood, who spent 22 years on the job. A morning talk show, this program airs at a different pace and focuses much of its attention on the performing arts. After a quick update of the day's news and national weather, correspondents offer longer-length segments on a variety of topics, from architecture to ballet to music to pop culture to politics.
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