Season 3

Episode Guide

The Next Thousand

S3 E7
Apr 15, 2024
When a Marine is murdered during training on the Big Island, the NCIS team tracks the suspect deep into the woods and discovers a disturbing secret.

Operation Red Rabbit

S3 E6
Apr 01, 2024
When the fiancée of a vanished naval officer seeks the help of NCIS, the team reveals his secrets go much deeper than she suspected. Meanwhile, Sam recruits Kai to be his wingman.

Serve and Protect

S3 E5
Mar 25, 2024
NCIS is tasked to protect the daughter of a Russian oligarch carrying a deadly secret. Meanwhile, Sam asks Tennant for a favor.

Dead on Arrival

S3 E4
Mar 04, 2024
When a Navy pilot is found murdered at a local military resort, the team goes undercover to discover a criminal enterprise hiding in plain sight.

License to Thrill

S3 E3
Feb 26, 2024
After a brazen daytime robbery of a Navy Federal Credit Union, the NCIS team tracks down a group of adrenaline-seeking thieves. Meanwhile, Tennant grows suspicious of Sam Hanna's reasons for being in Hawai'i.

Crash and Burn

S3 E2
Feb 19, 2024
Following the crash of a prisoner transport plane, the NCIS team must find the convicts that escaped onto the island. Meanwhile, Sam Hanna and Tennant are tasked with locating a high-profile Russian prisoner known as "The Chemist".

Run and Gun

S3 E1
Feb 12, 2024
After passing her medical and psych evaluations, Tennant is surprised to see Sam Hanna conducting her final interview to clear her return to work.