Season 2

Episode Guide

Dies Irae

S2 E22
May 22, 2023
When a figure from Tennant's (Vanessa Lachey) CIA past re-emerges, the NCIS team seeks help from the most unlikely place to catch a killer who threatens to destroy everything Tennant has built.

Past Due

S2 E21
May 15, 2023
The discovery of a dead former MI6 agent uncovers secrets from Tennant's (Vanessa Lachey) past, forcing her to go to extreme lengths to track down the responsible party.

Nightwatch Two

S2 E20
May 08, 2023
When Lucy receives a strange call on night watch from a man admitting to murder, the NCIS team sets out to find him.

Cabin Fever

S2 E19
May 01, 2023
After the mysterious death of an astronaut in a highly sensitive Mars simulation, the NCIS team must send Ernie into the habitat to investigate alone.

Bread Crumbs

S2 E18
Apr 10, 2023
When Tennant interrogates a suspect during his helicopter transfer and the helicopter crashes, she must utilize her skills to save herself and the other passengers.

Money Honey

S2 E17
Mar 20, 2023
Captain Milius returns to Hawai'i as the NCIS team works to catch a dangerous high-value U.S. Government target with the help of an informant unlike any they've ever encountered.

Family Ties

S2 E16
Mar 13, 2023
When Navy residents discover their vehicles were burglarized overnight, the NCIS team connects it to a series of peculiar crimes and tracks down an unlikely bandit. Also, Whistler struggles with an uncooperative CI and Alex weighs his college options.

Good Samaritan

S2 E15
Feb 27, 2023
When a Navy deserter accidentally comes out of hiding, his family becomes a target that drives the NCIS team and Charlie 1 (Linc Hand) to investigate who is after them.

Silent Invasion

S2 E14
Feb 14, 2023
When the murder of a captain and his wife echoes a previous case, the NCIS team brings in a former team member to help determine if they are dealing with a copycat killer.

Misplaced Targets

S2 E13
Feb 06, 2023
Following a close call at a meth lab explosion, the NCIS team learns Kai is being targeted by his old friend-turned-criminal and must take him down. Meanwhile, Lucy gets her first big case aboard her aircraft carrier.

Shields Up

S2 E12
Jan 23, 2023
When an elite special forces Marine captain is murdered, the NCIS team finds a suspect in a really unusual place.

Rising Sun

S2 E11
Jan 16, 2023
When Special Agent Pike is ambushed while working undercover with a local Japanese crime family, the team must find the person responsible for orchestrating the attacks. Also, Kai goes deeper into his investigation regarding an old friend turned criminal.

Deep Fake (Part 2 of 3)

S2 E10
Jan 09, 2023
Tennant, Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) and Sam Hanna (LL COOL J) find themselves captured by a woman claiming to be a CIA agent demanding intel from the team. Also, Jesse, Ernie, Whistler and Alden Parker (Gary Cole) learn about an asset that arrived in Hawai’i who could be connected to several overseas assassinations. This episode is part two of a three-episode NCIS Crossover Event which continues with NCIS: LOS ANGELES episode "A Long Time Coming."

Desperate Measures

S2 E9
Dec 05, 2022
When Commander Chase is abducted from her home by an Army Ranger accused of murder, the NCIS team must act quickly to find her and the suspect.

Curtain Call

S2 E8
Nov 21, 2022
When a naval officer is murdered while moonlighting in community theater, the NCIS team recruits a familiar face to help lead them to a ruthless international killer. Also, Kai enlists Whistler to open an investigation into an old friend turned criminal.

Vanishing Act

S2 E7
Nov 14, 2022
When the mother of a young boy goes missing, the NCIS team sets out to find her and learns they aren't the only ones searching for her.

Changing Tides

S2 E6
Oct 24, 2022
When a Marine Corporal dies in a tide pool after being exposed to fentanyl, the NCIS team must quickly find the source of the drugs. Also, Alex talks to his parents about taking a gap year and Ernie reveals personal news to Lucy.

Sudden Death

S2 E5
Oct 16, 2022
The NCIS team investigates the death of a Navy sailor and goes head-to-head with a ruthless local criminal organization. Also, Lucy looks for a new apartment.

Primal Fear

S2 E4
Oct 09, 2022
When a Navy sailor washes up dead, the NCIS team brings CGIS Special Agent Pike to unmask the mystery and catch a possible serial killer on the island.

Stolen Valor

S2 E3
Oct 02, 2022
Tennant and the NCIS team are called to investigate a fatal car crash involving a Navy Officer. But this accident is more complicated than meets the eye. The real Navy Officer is still alive and the dead woman an imposter.

Blind Curves

S2 E2
Sep 25, 2022
When Marine Staff Sergeant Travis Cobb's body is found crushed in a junkyard car, NCIS is called to investigate. We learn our Sergeant also participated in illegal street races, in true Fast and Furious style.

Prisoners' Dilemma

S2 E1
Sep 19, 2022
Picking up from the NCIS episode, the team gets the warning that Maxwell is headed to the island. They greet a plane with several dead passengers, no sign of Maxwell.