Episode Guide

Season 51

Episode Guide


S51 E101
Feb 27, 2024
Audra settles unfinished business with Ashley, Phyllis reconnects with Amanda, and Jack gives Tucker an ultimatum.


S51 E100
Feb 26, 2024
Jack and Traci discuss how to help Ashley, Tucker makes a promise to Audra, and Esther tries to keep the peace between Billy and Devon.


S51 E99
Feb 23, 2024
Victor tasks Michael with a tricky assignment, Ashley has a change of heart and Victoria worries about Claire having a set back.


S51 E98
Feb 22, 2024
Victor reveals a plan to protect Nikki, Adam and Chelsea put their differences aside to help Conner and Nick evaluates his feelings for Sally.


S51 E97
Feb 21, 2024
Jill throws Billy and Devon a curveball, Abby has a painful reminder about her past, and Phyllis gives Danny a peace offering.


S51 E96
Feb 20, 2024
Nikki falls into a trap, Nate gives Audra unsolicited advice, and Adam goes out on a limb to help Sally.


S51 E95
Feb 19, 2024
Victor is concerned about Nikki’s decision making, Ashley makes a dangerous choice, and Audra lets her guard down with Tucker.


S51 E94
Feb 16, 2024
Victor demands answers from Jack, Billy and Devon engage in a power struggle, and Victoria vows to protect Claire.


S51 E93
Feb 15, 2024
Victor puts his latest plan in motion, Ashley has a painful reminder of her past, and Jordan finds a new way to target Nikki.


S51 E92
Feb 14, 2024
Victor shares shocking news with Nikki, Adam goes out on a limb for Sally, and Claire receives a surprise visitor.


S51 E91
Feb 13, 2024
Ashley and Tucker have a heated exchange, Chance romances Summer, and Nick reconnects with Phyllis.


S51 E90
Feb 12, 2024
Victor and Victoria discuss how to help Nikki, Billy comforts Chelsea, and Ashley accuses her family of betrayal.


S51 E89
Feb 09, 2024
Jack and Nikki’s bond upsets Diane, Mamie strategizes with Nate, and Ashley stands her ground with Tucker.


S51 E88
Feb 08, 2024
Victor and Nikki reach a compromise, Devon backs Daniel into a corner, and Phyllis keeps up appearances.


S51 E87
Feb 07, 2024
Victor learns disturbing news, Christine and Phyllis’ rivalry takes a dangerous turn, and Tucker reveals his master plan.


S51 E86
Feb 06, 2024
Victor is suspicious of Nikki, Jack turns to Lauren for help, and Abby makes a big decision.


S51 E85
Feb 05, 2024
Ashley and Traci gather intel in Paris, Chelsea and Adam question their parenting skills, and Devon gives Nate a warning.


S51 E84
Feb 02, 2024
Victor busts Jack and Nikki, Billy comforts Chelsea, and Sally surprises Adam.


S51 E83
Feb 01, 2024
Ashley and Traci arrive in Paris, Daniel faces the truth about Heather, and Kyle lashes out at Tucker.


S51 E82
Jan 31, 2024
Victor shares words of wisdom with Nick, Victoria and Cole keep a secret from Claire, and Kyle defends his actions at Jabot.


S51 E81
Jan 30, 2024
Victor receives shocking news, Nick commiserates with Sharon, and Diane worries about Jack helping Nikki.


S51 E80
Jan 29, 2024
Victor and Jack disagree on how to help Nikki, Chance sees a new side to Summer, and Audra swallows her pride at the office.


S51 E79
Jan 26, 2024
Traci takes a leap of faith for Ashley, Victoria leans on Nate, and Diane pushes Nikki’s buttons.


S51 E78
Jan 25, 2024
Devon backs Daniel into a corner, Audra shares a secret with Nate, and Chance makes a confession to Billy.


S51 E77
Jan 24, 2024
Victor worries about Nikki’s decision making, Abby sets her sights on a new endeavor, and Jack steps up to support Nikki.


S51 E76
Jan 23, 2024
Nikki looks for closure, Kyle and Summer start a new chapter, and Ashley confides in Traci.


S51 E75
Jan 22, 2024
Victor and Victoria disagree on Claire’s place in the family, Sharon points Nick in the right direction, and Daniel plays with fire.


S51 E74
Jan 19, 2024
Victor interrogates Cole, Lauren helps Nikki keep a secret, and Ashley backs Tucker into a corner.


S51 E73
Jan 18, 2024
Jack makes a promise to Nikki, Audra protects her interests, and Tucker antagonizes Kyle.


S51 E72
Jan 17, 2024
Victor shares words of wisdom with Victoria, Jack and Lauren work together to help Nikki, and Christine loses patience with Danny.


S51 E71
Jan 16, 2024
Nikki receives some sobering news, Heather keeps a secret from Daniel, and Phyllis pushes Christine’s buttons.


S51 E70
Jan 15, 2024
Sharon catches Nick off guard with an unexpected announcement, Devon and Billy put their differences aside, and Chance comes clean with Summer.


S51 E69
Jan 12, 2024
Victor vows to protect Nikki at all costs , Ashley confronts Audra, and Claire settles unfinished business with Jordan.


S51 E68
Jan 11, 2024
Victor receives a surprising request from Victoria, Lauren’s loyalty is tested, and sparks fly between Adam and Sally.


S51 E67
Jan 10, 2024
Victor challenges Nick and Adam, Claire is haunted by memories of Jordan, and Jack shares words of wisdom with Ashley.


S51 E66
Jan 09, 2024
Ashley reunites with Cole, Kyle loses control, and Summer surprises Chance.


S51 E65
Jan 08, 2024
Victor questions Nikki’s sobriety, Ashley stands her ground with Tucker, and Jack gives Kyle a warning.


S51 E64
Jan 05, 2024
Sharon relies on the past to make a decision about her future.


S51 E63
Jan 04, 2024
Nikki fights temptation to drink, Chance makes a confession to Sharon, and Victoria works on her relationship with Claire.


S51 E62
Jan 03, 2024
Sharon confronts Summer about her feelings for Chance, Daniel and Heather clear the air, and Danny gives Daniel unsolicited advice.


S51 E61
Jan 02, 2024
Victor forces a truce between Nick and Adam, Victoria makes a shocking decision, and Nikki takes matters into her own hands.


S51 E60
Dec 28, 2023
Michael and Lauren find a unique way to ring in the New Year, while Ashley struggles with her feelings for Tucker.


S51 E59
Dec 27, 2023
Christine and Danny make a decision about their future, Devon gives Tucker a reality check, and Audra receives news from a familiar face.


S51 E58
Dec 26, 2023
Nikki faces her demons and confronts Jordan in an ultimate showdown.


S51 E57
Dec 22, 2023
Michael thinks outside the box to surprise Lauren, Daniel is reminded of the true meaning of Christmas, and Phyllis puts coal in Christine’s stocking.


S51 E56
Dec 21, 2023
Victor gives Nate a warning, Ashley and Jack celebrate Tucker’s demise, and Jordan pushes Nikki too far.


S51 E55
Dec 20, 2023
Traci helps The Abbotts get into the Christmas spirit, Billy stands his ground to defend Jill, and Abby helps Devon with a holiday dilemma.


S51 E54
Dec 19, 2023
Victor and Nikki receive an unexpected guest, Tucker presents Phyllis an unexpected offer, and Jack puts the brakes on Kyle’s plan.


S51 E53
Dec 18, 2023
Victor keeps his guard up, Billy informs Jack he’s leaving Jabot, Victoria and Cole learn the truth about Claire.


S51 E52
Dec 15, 2023
Ashley strikes a deal with Tucker, Kyle and Audra settle unfinished business, and Summer struggles with her feelings for Chance.