Episode Guide

Season 50

Episode Guide


S50 E125
Mar 30, 2023
Victor is suspicious of Phyllis, Devon and Amanda discuss unfinished business, and Tucker keeps Ashley on her toes.


S50 E124
Mar 29, 2023
Genoa City is shocked by Jack and Diane’s announcement, Danny and Gina return home, and Amanda makes a grand entrance.


S50 E123
Mar 28, 2023
Victor seizes an opportunity to strike a deal with Jill, Christine reunites with Nina, and Phyllis and Diane’s feud reaches its breaking point


S50 E122
Mar 27, 2023
Victor and Nikki celebrate a success, Jill works to repair Devon and Lily’s relationship, and Jack is shocked by a party crasher’s arrival at the gala.


S50 E121
Mar 24, 2023
As Genoa City gathers to celebrate Genoa City’s bicentennial, Victor and Nikki pay tribute to the past, and Leanna Love returns to her former stomping grounds.


S50 E120
Mar 23, 2023
Victor and Nikki host the party of the year to celebrate Genoa City’s bicentennial.


S50 E119
Mar 22, 2023
Phyllis and Stark conspire against Diane, Jill makes a grand entrance, and Mamie Johnson returns to Genoa City.


S50 E118
Mar 21, 2023
Victor presents Jill with an intriguing offer, Audra pushes Elena’s buttons, and Devon is backed into a corner.


S50 E117
Mar 20, 2023
Nikki enlists Traci’s help with the gala, Diane sets a trap for Phyllis, and Lily and Devon’s feud takes a shocking turn.


S50 E116
Mar 15, 2023
Victor makes a shocking discovery, and Nick gives Adam a painful reminder.


S50 E115
Mar 14, 2023
Victoria has a proposition for Nate, Sally is haunted by her past, and Lauren calls Phyllis’ bluff.


S50 E114
Mar 13, 2023
Jack and Diane tell Kyle about their engagement, Elena is suspicious of Victoria, and Phyllis puts her plan in motion.


S50 E113
Mar 10, 2023
Nikki makes a shocking announcement, Summer strategizes against Sally, and Billy receives unexpected news.


S50 E112
Mar 09, 2023
Ashley and Billy share a difference of opinion, and Chelsea takes on a new project.


S50 E111
Mar 08, 2023
Victor strikes a deal, Daniel reveals a secret, and Devon questions Tucker’s sincerity.


S50 E110
Mar 07, 2023
Summer confronts Nick about Sally’s pregnancy, Nate discovers a secret, and Sharon gives Billy a warning about Chelsea.


S50 E109
Mar 06, 2023
Phyllis makes a dangerous decision, Nick gives Adam a reality check, and Billy shares words of wisdom with Kyle.


S50 E108
Mar 03, 2023
Phyllis receives a disturbing message, Mariah shares surprising news with Sharon, and Nick makes a promise to Sally.


S50 E107
Mar 02, 2023
Lily decides to play dirty, Abby tries to keep the peace, and Victoria puts Nate in an awkward position.


S50 E106
Mar 01, 2023
Victor and Victoria question Ashley’s motives, Devon gives Tucker the third degree, and Jack and Diane sneak out of town.


S50 E105
Feb 28, 2023
Victor gives Adam a second chance, Ashley turns the tables on Tucker, and Sally has a change of heart.


S50 E104
Feb 27, 2023
Devon and Lily prepare for battle, Chelsea takes on a new venture, and Nate and Victoria fight their attraction.


S50 E103
Feb 24, 2023
Nate’s plan to reconnect with his family backfires, Daniel makes a difficult decision, and Diane receives a cryptic message.


S50 E102
Feb 23, 2023
Victor makes good on a promise, Kyle seeks forgiveness from Summer, and Jack helps Billy pursue a new opportunity.


S50 E101
Feb 22, 2023
Ashley turns the tables on Tucker, Victoria gives Audra the third degree, and the moment of truth arrives for Sally and Nick.


S50 E100
Feb 21, 2023
Sally examines her relationships with Nick and Adam.


S50 E99
Feb 20, 2023
Victor makes a power move to help Adam, Heather gives Daniel a warning, and Devon turns to Christine for counsel.


S50 E98
Feb 17, 2023
Victor puts Jeremy Stark on notice, Adam plots to undermine Victoria, and Phyllis shares surprising news with Jack.


S50 E97
Feb 16, 2023
Victoria and Nate mix business with pleasure, Daniel’s past catches up with him, and Tucker askes Ashley for a second chance.


S50 E96
Feb 15, 2023
Tucker shares a secret with Ashley, Diane makes a power move, and Phyllis tries to make amends with Summer.


S50 E95
Feb 14, 2023
Victor and Nikki recall their epic love story, Daniel makes a shocking discovery, and Nick confides in Victoria.


S50 E94
Feb 13, 2023
Victor strategizes with Victoria to take down an opponent, Ashley returns home to chaos, and Jack takes a big step with Diane.


S50 E93
Feb 10, 2023
Victor makes waves at Jabot, Phyllis is forced to defend herself with Daniel, and Jack makes a shocking decision.


S50 E92
Feb 09, 2023
Victor stands his ground, Summer loses patience with Diane, and Chelsea gives Billy a warning.


S50 E91
Feb 08, 2023
Victor tests Nate’s loyalty, Tucker makes a risky deal, and Nick races to Sally’s rescue.


S50 E90
Feb 07, 2023
Victor gives Jack a reality check, Chloe struggles to keep a secret, and Victoria finds herself distracted by Nate.


S50 E89
Feb 06, 2023
Adam demands answers from Nick, Daniel blames Devon for a setback, and Lily and Jill plot their next move.


S50 E88
Feb 03, 2023
Billy and Chelsea experience mixed signals, Sally struggles with a secret, and Victoria leaves her comfort zone.


S50 E87
Feb 02, 2023
Victor’s plan to minimize a risk backfires, Nikki backs Diane into a corner, and Jack confronts Kyle about his deception.


S50 E86
Feb 01, 2023
Adam exposes Kyle’s alliance with Victor, Lily works to repair her relationship with Devon, and Victoria is forced to defend her actions.


S50 E85
Jan 31, 2023
Victor targets Tucker, Daniel and Lily evaluate their partnership, and Nick comes to Sally’s rescue.


S50 E84
Jan 30, 2023
Victor conspires with Kyle, Lauren points Phyllis in the right direction, and Elena keeps a watchful eye on Nate.


S50 E83
Jan 27, 2023
Victor strategizes to expand his empire, Billy makes a confession to Chelsea, and Victoria pushes Tucker’s buttons.


S50 E82
Jan 26, 2023
Tucker crosses the line, Phyllis turns on the charm, and Kyle worries about his parents decision making.


S50 E81
Jan 25, 2023
The Young and the Restless celebrates forty years of Tracey Bregman as “Lauren Fenmore”.


S50 E80
Jan 24, 2023
Phyllis makes a promise to Daniel, Billy and Chelsea discuss their future, and Devon and Lily struggle to find common ground.


S50 E79
Jan 23, 2023
Victor seizes an opportunity, Diane puts on the brakes with Jack, and Nikki uncovers Diane’s latest scheme.


S50 E78
Jan 20, 2023
Victor encourages Kyle to play dirty, Sally struggles with the truth, and Nikki interrogates Jack and Diane.


S50 E77
Jan 19, 2023
Victoria and Chelsea reach an understanding, Billy and Lily clear the air, and Mariah and Tessa return home with unexpected news.


S50 E76
Jan 18, 2023
Phyllis calls Tucker's bluff, Jill does damage control with Lily and Devon, and Jack and Diane take a big risk.