Episode Guide

Season 51

Episode Guide


S51 E42
Dec 01, 2023
Sharon helps Chance make an important decision, Ashley tries to keep the peace, and Audra questions Kyle’s loyalty.


S51 E41
Nov 30, 2023
Jack keeps Billy in line, Diane interferes in Kyle’s love live, and Abby questions Ashley about her feelings for Tucker.


S51 E40
Nov 29, 2023
Victor defends Nikki at all costs, while Jordan and Claire stand their ground.


S51 E39
Nov 28, 2023
Victor leads the Newmans into battle as Nikki fights for her life against Jordan.


S51 E38
Nov 27, 2023
Victor demands answers on Nikki’s whereabouts, while Nikki receives a painful reminder about her past, and Jordan and Claire reveal their motives.


S51 E37
Nov 22, 2023
Lily and Devon take a big step with Nate, Michael and Gloria return home with shocking news, and Ashley strikes a deal with Tucker.


S51 E36
Nov 21, 2023
Victor learns disturbing news, Kyle keeps Audra on her toes, Claire sets a trap, and Nikki plots her escape.


S51 E35
Nov 20, 2023
Jack prepares to retaliate against Tucker, Jill and Nina worry about Chance, and Mamie is faced with a difficult decision.


S51 E34
Nov 17, 2023
Nikki is backed into a corner, Daniel and Heather discuss their new dynamic, and Nina encourages Chance to start a new chapter.


S51 E33
Nov 16, 2023
Jill confronts Tucker about working with Mamie, Claire shows her true colors to Nikki, and Victor offers Victoria a second chance.


S51 E32
Nov 15, 2023
Victor gives Nick and Victoria an ultimatum, Kyle’s loyalty shifts, and Nikki’s trip with Claire takes an unexpected turn.


S51 E31
Nov 14, 2023
Victor loses patience with the family’s infighting, Jack and Ashley share a difference of opinion about their revenge plan, and Mamie shares words of wisdom with Nate.


S51 E30
Nov 13, 2023
Victor does damage control with Adam, Nate gives Victoria the cold shoulder, Nick considers returning to Newman Enterprises and Nikki receives an unexpected invitation.


S51 E29
Nov 10, 2023
Phyllis weighs her options, Daniel romances Lily, and Sharon and Summer both stand their ground.


S51 E28
Nov 09, 2023
Victoria and Nate share a difference of opinion, Christine sets boundaries with Danny, and Nick finds himself at a crossroads.


S51 E27
Nov 08, 2023
Victor puts a stop to his family’s infighting, Danny keeps the peace between Phyllis and Christine, and Chance catches Nina off guard.


S51 E26
Nov 07, 2023
Victor makes a shocking announcement, Devon questions Nate’s sincerity, and Lily experiences mixed signals with Daniel.


S51 E25
Nov 06, 2023
Victor summons the Newmans to a meeting, Claire keeps a secret from Nikki, and Mariah and Tessa are tested as parents.


S51 E24
Nov 03, 2023
Victor plays hardball with Nate, Ashley makes a confession, and Billy gives Kyle a wakeup call.


S51 E23
Nov 02, 2023
As The Young and the Restless celebrates Lauralee Bell’s 40th anniversary, Christine reminisces about her romantic entanglements and past rivalries.


S51 E22
Nov 01, 2023
Victor tests Nick and Victoria, Chelsea returns home, and Adam has a rude awakening.


S51 E21
Oct 31, 2023
Jack calls in a favor with Ashley, Audra pushes Kyle’s buttons, and Devon catches Tucker in a lie.


S51 E20
Oct 30, 2023
Ashley confronts Tucker about his misdeeds, Mamie gives Nate an ultimatum, and Jack loses patience with Kyle.


S51 E19
Oct 27, 2023
Victor questions Nate’s loyalty, Victoria makes a painful decision, and Adam takes matters into his own hands.


S51 E18
Oct 26, 2023
Victor and Nikki share a difference of opinion, Nick makes a confession, Tucker’s plan against Jack backfires, and Sally fights temptation.


S51 E17
Oct 25, 2023
Victor comes clean, Ashley returns home to chaos, and Christine opens up to Danny about their past.


S51 E16
Oct 24, 2023
Nick confronts Victor about his recent behavior, Christine surprises Danny, and Daniel and Lily argue about Heather.


S51 E15
Oct 23, 2023
Victor makes a promise to Nikki, Nick seeks guidance from Sharon, and Adam makes a shocking discovery.


S51 E14
Oct 20, 2023
Victor prepares to retaliate against an adversary, Devon interrogates Nate, and Jill digs for dirt on Mamie.


S51 E13
Oct 19, 2023
Victor accelerates his plan, Phyllis spends quality time with Daniel, Daniel catches Lily off guard, and Nikki gives Adam an ultimatum.


S51 E12
Oct 18, 2023
Diane crosses the line, Traci shares words of wisdom with Jack, and Mamie points Nate in the right direction.


S51 E11
Oct 17, 2023
Jack and Billy set a trap, Audra shares a proposition with Kyle, and Phyllis turns the tables on Tucker.


S51 E10
Oct 16, 2023
Nick worries about Victor’s state of mind, Sally makes a painful confession, Nikki gains insight about Claire, and Lily learns of Heather’s future plans.


S51 E9
Oct 13, 2023
Nick finds a way to connect with Victor, Victoria gives Adam the benefit of the doubt., and Chloe gives Sally sage advice.


S51 E8
Oct 12, 2023
Victor’s actions cause concern among his family, Nick reaches a decision about his future with Sally, and Nikki sets ground rules with Claire.


S51 E7
Oct 11, 2023
Jack outsmarts Tucker, Daniel keeps a secret from Lily, and Phyllis confides in Danny.


S51 E6
Oct 10, 2023
Billy and Traci reject an olive branch, Daniel receives surprising news from Heather, and Kyle questions Audra’s change of heart.


S51 E5
Oct 09, 2023
Devon discovers Mamie’s secret, Summer sets her sights on Chance, and a surprise guest crashes Jack and Diane’s wedding reception.


S51 E4
Oct 06, 2023
As Jack and Diane prepare to celebrate their nuptials, Lauren gives Phyllis unsolicited advice.


S51 E3
Oct 05, 2023
Jill returns home to settle unfinished business, Mamie stands her ground, and Diane makes an important decision.


S51 E2
Oct 04, 2023
Sally catches Adam in a lie, Nick seeks Sharon’s advice, and Mamie shares surprising news with her family.


S51 E1
Oct 03, 2023
Victor makes a promise to Nikki, Victoria and Nate compare notes, and Jack works to bring Kyle back to Jabot.