Season 1

Episode Guide

Redefining Toughness/Get the Job Done

S1 E1
Jul 08, 2020
The cast, including a welder, firefighter, farmer, roofer and a Marine Corps veteran, is introduced.

Heavy Metal

S1 E2
Jul 15, 2020
The crew competes in challenges at a junkyard, where a car must be taken apart to retrieve parts.

Release the Bull!

S1 E3
Jul 22, 2020
Tensions run high during the team challenge when one crew has issues while building a large fence.

Mind Over Matter

S1 E4
Jul 29, 2020
It's no day at the beach for teams Savage Crew and Dirty Hands as they compete to fill and seal giant bags of sand.

Game of Telephone

S1 E5
Aug 05, 2020
Teams are challenged mentally and physically when tasked with pushing 24 heavy barrels uphill and arranging them in a specific order at an oil field, and one crew member must conquer a fear of heights to climb a telephone pole.

Trash Day

S1 E6
Aug 12, 2020
The two crews each look for an important win in the team competition when tasked with packing a moving van, and competitors look to avoid elimination during the individual competition by collecting and loading trash into a moving garbage truck.

Trust Your Gear

S1 E7
Aug 19, 2020
Competitors take on a series of "Five alarm" challenges at a firefighter training facility, where they must clear a 60-foot-long section of brush, save a victim from a simulated disaster zone and extinguish a fire before rappelling down from the top of a four-story building.

Cut It Up

S1 E8
Aug 26, 2020
Teams "Savage Crew" and "Dirty Hands" compete in the final competition to win the overall team prize.

Finish the Job

S1 E9
Sep 02, 2020
The final five competitors battle to be crowned the champion of TOUGH AS NAILS and win the $200,000 prize! Plus, the finalists get a much-needed boost when their loved ones cheer them on.