Season 48

Episode Guide

The 9/11 Museum, Gold Star Parents, Earthquake Alley

S48 E52
Sep 11, 2016
Lesley Stahl reports on the National September 11 Memorial & Museum; then, parents of fallen heroes unite to cope with loss; and, Oklahoma's rise in quakes linked to man-made causes.

Hacking Your Phone, 30 Years on Death Row, The Collider

S48 E51
Sep 04, 2016
How cellphones and mobile phone networks are vulnerable to hacking; then, the wrongful murder conviction of a man sentenced to death; and, extra dimensions? Dark matter? A more powerful Collider hunts for clues.

Anonymous, Inc., Switching Teams

S48 E50
Aug 28, 2016
Hidden cameras capture NY lawyers being asked to move highly questionable funds into the U.S.; and, Harvard swimmer Schuyler Bailar on coming out as transgender.

Strike-through, Fintech, The Slave Ship

S48 E49
Aug 21, 2016
60 Minutes investigates medical gear sold during Ebola crisis; then, Lesley Stahl reports on what's being called the financial technology revolution; and, a journey to recover the first artifacts known to be preserved from a slave ship.

Heroin in the Heartland, Christopher Wheeldon, Bonobos

S48 E47
Aug 07, 2016
What was once thought of as an inner-city problem is now a national epidemic, Bill Whitaker reports; then, Lesley Stahl profiles one of the most celebrated ballet choreographers today; and, endangered primates live in female-dominated society and prefer to make love not war.

Life After Death Row, Top of the World, The Children's Village

S48 E46
Jul 31, 2016
Scott Pelley hears the story of three people who were exonerated after spending years in prison; then, Sharyn Alfonsi reports one of the most significant efforts to study climate change; and, Bill Whitaker meets the two legal guardians of nearly 100 children in Tanzania.

The Democratic Ticket, Make-A- Wish

S48 E45
Jul 24, 2016
Hillary Clinton and her running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, speak to Scott Pelley in their first joint interview; then, Bill Whitaker meets some of the people behind the popular organization that grants the wishes of seriously ill children.

The Republican Ticket, Bastille Day Tragedy, Mountain Lions of L.A.

S48 E44
Jul 17, 2016
Donald Trump and Gov. Mike Pence speak to Lesley Stahl in their first joint interview; Seth Doane reports from Nice, France; and, Bill Whitaker reports on the big cats some L.A. residents are calling neighbors.

A Night at the Movies

S48 E43
Jul 03, 2016
A special edition of "60 Minutes Presents" takes a look at the new force behind "Star Wars"; British veteran actor Michael Caine; and, the difficult task of making a film about Steve Jobs.

El Chapo, The Resurrection of St. Benedict's, Bubba

S48 E42
Jun 26, 2016
Bill Whitaker gives the inside story of the hunt for and recapture of "El Chapo"; then, Scott Pelley reports on a unique school in Newark; and, Sharyn Alfonsi shows how Bubba Watson wants to improve himself, not his golf

Smart Guns, 28 Pages, Taking on the Eiger

S48 E41
Jun 19, 2016
Is the U.S. ready for smart guns? Lesley Stahl reports; then, top secret "28 pages"; may hold clues about Saudi support for 9/11 hijackers; and, an extreme sportsman uses a three-sport technique to descend the Eiger.

Lost in the Bermuda Triangle, Hamilton

S48 E40
Jun 12, 2016
Scott Pelley's report on the sinking of the cargo ship El Faro; and, 60 Minutes director's cut of "Hamilton" offers more on the Broadway smash and may be last chance to see Lin-Manuel Miranda before he steps down.

John Brennan, King of Coal, The Future of Money

S48 E38
May 29, 2016
CIA director on ISIS attacks in U.S.: Attempts are inevitable; Landmark case after worst mining disaster in 40 years; A "mobile money" revolution has swept Kenya, where people can send and receive money on their cell phones.

After Shock, $80 Million Con, The Last Vaquitas

S48 E37
May 22, 2016
Backlash from the Army's largest criminal investigation; then, Anderson Cooper reports on the biggest, most lucrative art fraud scam in history; and, the world's most endangered sea mammal has a PR problem.

Make-A-Wish, The Health Wagon, The Giving Pledge

S48 E28
Mar 27, 2016
Bill Whitaker meets some of the people behind the popular organization that grants the wishes of seriously ill children; Then, Scott Pelley meets nurse practitioners who are providing badly needed health care to the uninsured, working poor in Appalachia; and, Charlie Rose reports on new club for billionaires.

President Putin, Trump, The Greatest Escape

S48 E1
Sep 27, 2015
Russian President Vladimir Putin gives a rare -- and surprising -- interview to Charlie Rose; then, Scott Pelley interviews Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump; and, Bill Whitaker on how Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, one of the world's most wanted men, escaped from prison -- again.