Season 46

Episode Guide

Over a Barrel, Saving the Children, Quarterback Guru

S46 E50
Sep 07, 2014
Is BP backpedaling on a settlement with oil spill victims, or are some Gulf Coast businesses exploiting BP; and, Morley Safer interviews the "QB Guru" who says the new norm to get to the NFL as a quarterback starts with a tutor like him training kids as young as 8.

The Data Brokers, Three Years Later, Return of the Humpback

S46 E48
Aug 24, 2014
Steve Kroft investigates the multibillion-dollar industry that sells the personal information of millions of Americans; then, Bob Simon reports on the aftermath of the disaster in Fukushima, Japan; and, 60 Minutes travels to the South Pacific on the trail of the humpback whale

China's Real Estate Bubble, The Con Artist, Cajun Ketchup

S46 E45
Aug 03, 2014
Lesley Stahl reports on China's real estate bubble; then, a look at art forger Wolfgang Beltracchi's multimillion dollar scam; and, the hot sauce industry is one fire, but it all began with just one name: Tabasco.

Help Wanted, ALMA, Nile Crocodile

S46 E44
Jul 27, 2014
A jobs program aids Fortune 500 companies and underprivileged youth; then, a $1.3 billion radio telescope peers into the universe's past; and, Anderson Cooper dives with a deadly predator

The Giving Pledge, Rescue, The Greatest Show on Earth

S46 E43
Jul 20, 2014
Charlie Rose reports on a new club for the super rich that has an interesting twist; then, the little known story of a daring rescue days before the fall of Saigon; and, reinventing opera at the Met.

America's Missile Fields, Discovered

S46 E42
Jul 13, 2014
Morley Safer reports on the discovery of the largest cache of missing art since WWII.

Imminent Danger, Bassem Youssef, Cosmic Roulette

S46 E37
Jun 08, 2014
Steve Kroft examines America's mental health system. Then, meet Bassem Youssef, a political satirist known as the "Jon Stewart of Egypt." And, is our planet in a dangerous game of "cosmic roulette"?

Washington's Open Secret, EMERGENCY, Salmon in the Sea

S46 E33
May 11, 2014
Steve Kroft reports on Washington's open secret: Profitable PACs; then, Clarissa Ward visits a hospital in Sudan that offers free, life-saving surgeries; and, salmon farms: do they help or hurt wild salmon? Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports.

America's Missile Fields, Saving the Children

S46 E31
Apr 27, 2014
Lesley Stahl gets rare access inside an American nuclear control center and meets the young airmen who watch over some of the world's deadliest weapons; and,in one of the more remarkable humanitarian stories of WWII, Briton Nicholas Winton helped save hundreds of mostly Jewish children from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia on the eve of the war.

Three Years Later, The Health Wagon, Discovered

S46 E28
Apr 06, 2014
Bob Simon reports on the aftermath of the disaster in Fukushima, Japan, and finds toxic ghost towns frozen in time; then, nurse practitioners are providing badly needed healthcare to the uninsured working poor in Appalachia -- medical mercy for those left out of Obamacare and ineligible for Medicaid; and, Morley Safer reports on the discovery of the largest cache of missing art since WWII and the battle over its ownership.

Manhunt, The Pink Panthers, The Cartoonist

S46 E26
Mar 23, 2014
Federal investigators tell Scott Pelley the inside story of the Boston Marathon bombing manhunt; Bob Simon reports on a loose group of European thieves dubbed "the Pink Panthers;" New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff lets 60 Minutes cameras into the weekly process of picking the magazine's famous cartoons

The Data Brokers, The Heart of the Revolution, ALMA

S46 E24
Mar 09, 2014
Steve Kroft investigates the multibillion dollar industry that collects, analyzes and sells the personal information of millions of Americans with virtually no oversight; then, An inside look at the people behind the revolution that resulted in the parliamentary ouster of President Victor Yanukovych and Russia's power grab in Crimea; and, A new $1.3 billion radio telescope is allowing scientists to see parts of the universe they've seen never before, offering insight into how it all began.

Inside the NSA, The Copts

S46 E12
Dec 15, 2013
The NSA allows 60 Minutes cameras inside the agency's secure areas for the first time to explain what it does and what it says it doesn't do: spy on Americans; then, Who is Edward Snowden? John Miller reports on what the NSA has learned about the contractor responsible for stealing 1.7 million classified documents. Plus, see for the first time the black chamber - a secret room where the nation's code breakers work; and, The turmoil in Egypt has led to one of the worse persecutions of the country's Coptic Christians in the nearly 2,000-year history of the sect.

60 Minutes Overtime, 12.15.13

S46 E12
Dec 15, 2013
A conversation with John Miller and 60 Minutes producers about their experience reporting in top-secret areas of the NSA; then, John Miller asked the NSA's Rick Ledgett what he would say to Edward Snowden if given the chance; also, The NSA's Rick Ledgett said system administrators detected that Snowden was downloading confidential documents; and, human rights activist Hossam Bahgat describes the day a peaceful protest in Cairo turned into one of the worst massacres of Christians in modern Egypt.

Amazon, The Capitol Dome, Free Diving

S46 E10
Dec 01, 2013
Amazon is the world's largest online retailer, serving 225M customers worldwide. What's next for the company that prides itself on disrupting tradition? Then, It's hard to imagine America without the Capitol Dome, but when you hear how it was created it becomes hard to imagine it exists at all. Scott; and, In an extreme sport in which divers reach great depths on one breath, records are being broken and doctors are surprised by feats never thought possible.