Season 55

Episode Guide

9/11: The FDNY | 60 Minutes Full Episode

S55 E54
Sep 10, 2023
9/11: The FDNY | 60 Minutes

9/3/2023: Hide and Seek; An American Down Under; Jeff Koons

S55 E53
Sep 03, 2023
Cyprus: A hiding spot for Russian money. Then, Mason Cox: The 60 Minutes Interview. And, Jeff Koons: The 60 Minutes Interview.

8/27/2023: Targeting Seniors; The Resurrection of Notre Dame; The Sperm Whales of Dominica

S55 E52
Aug 27, 2023
Cyber scammers stealing from grandparents. Then, Notre Dame restoration efforts continue. And, Marine sanctuary to protect sperm whales.

8/13/2023: Silicon Valley Scandal; American Prairie; James Nachtwey

S55 E50
Aug 13, 2023
Inside the eBay stalking scandal. Then, American Prairie's nature reserve. And, James Nachtwey: The 60 Minutes Interview.

7/26/2023: The Power of Grimsby; Lourdes; The South Dakota Kid

S55 E47
Jul 26, 2023
The largest offshore wind farm in the world. Then, Investigating medically unexplained cures. And, Shane Van Boening: The 60 Minutes Interview.

7/16/2023: Feeling of Feeling; The Girls of SOLA

S55 E45
Jul 16, 2023
Prosthetic tech advances give sense of touch. Then, SOLA: Educating Afghanistan’s girls.

7/9/2023: The Revolution; Nicolas Cage

S55 E44
Jul 09, 2023
Exploring the human-like side of AI at Google. Then, Nicolas Cage: The 60 Minutes Interview

7/2/2023: The State of the Navy; "Only in America"

S55 E43
Jul 02, 2023
U.S. Navy responds to China’s naval buildup. Then, Rocco Commisso: The 60 Minutes Interview.

6/4/2023: Suing Social Media; Prince Harry

S55 E38
Jun 04, 2023
Families suing social media companies. Then, Prince Harry: The 60 Minutes Interview

5/28/2023: Canada's Unmarked Graves; Sharswood

S55 E37
May 28, 2023
The dark legacy of Canada's residential schools. Then, Reclaiming history on a former plantation.

5/21/2023: Price Gouging; Targeting Seniors; Jeff Koons

S55 E35
May 21, 2023
Price gouging in Pentagon contracts. Then, cyber scammers stealing from grandparents. And, Jeff Koons: The 60 Minutes interview.

5/7/2023: This Ancient Atrocity; Lithium Valley; James Nachtwey

S55 E33
May 07, 2023
Slaughterhouse cleaning company employed kids. Then, Lithium Valley could power EV battery boom. And, James Nachtwey: The 60 Minutes Interview.

4/30/2023: The Domino Effect; Out of Thin Air; An American Down Under

S55 E32
Apr 30, 2023
Fight to cut South’s maternal mortality rate. Then, Carbon capture aims to slow climate change. And, Mason Cox: The 60 Minutes Interview.

4/23/2023: Healing and Hope; Who is Ray Epps; Nicolas Cage

S55 E31
Apr 23, 2023
Quakes added to pain in war-torn NW Syria. Then, Ray Epps: The 60 Minutes Interview. And, Nicolas Cage: The 60 Minutes Interview.

4/16/2023: Revolution; The Unlikely Adventures of David Grann

S55 E30
Apr 16, 2023
Exploring the human-like side of AI at Google. Then, David Grann: The 60 Minutes Interview.

4/9/2023: The Origin of Everything; Sportswashing; The Resurrection Of Notre Dame

S55 E29
Apr 09, 2023
NASA’s Webb telescope captures stunning images. Then, sportswashing accusations in Saudi Arabia. And, Notre Dame restoration efforts continue.

3/19/2023: The State of the Navy; Only in America

S55 E26
Mar 19, 2023
U.S. Navy responds to China’s naval buildup; Rocco Commisso: The 60 Minutes Interview.

2/26/2023: Kherson Under Fire, The Girls of SOLA

S55 E23
Feb 26, 2023
Kherson, Ukraine, a year after Russia’s invasion; SOLA: Educating Afghanistan’s girls.

2/12/2023: Canada’s Unmarked Graves, Sharswood

S55 E21
Feb 12, 2023
The dark legacy of Canada's residential schools, where thousands of children died; Man unknowingly buys former plantation house where his ancestors were enslaved.

1/22/2023: 60 Minutes Presents – Stories that Inspire

S55 E19
Jan 22, 2023
What's in the heads of heroes; Russia's invasion of Ukraine scrambles global ballet community into action; Jacob Smith: The legally blind freeride skier.

1/1/2023: Radio Free Europe, The Vanishing Wild, Obesity

S55 E16
Jan 01, 2023
Radio Free Europe's return to prominence in Russia and former Soviet territories; Earth currently experiencing a sixth mass extinction, according to scientists; Promising new weight loss medication in short supply and often not covered by insurance.

12/18/2022: Convoy of Life, Litigation Funding, Lourdes

S55 E14
Dec 18, 2022
Getting kids with cancer out of Ukraine; The growing industry of litigation funding; Investigating medically unexplained cures.

12/11/2022: The Treasury Secretary, Suing Social Media, College of Magic

S55 E13
Dec 11, 2022
Janet Yellen on recession fears, inflation and the war in Ukraine; Families suing social media companies; Cape Town's College of Magic.

12/4/2022: The French President, Return to Gorongosa, The South Dakota Kid

S55 E12
Dec 04, 2022
French President Emmanuel Macron discusses the impact the war in Ukraine and U.S. domestic policy are having on his country; Rebuilding and repopulating Mozambique's Gorongosa National Park; Jon Wertheim speaks with world #1 pool player Shane Van Boening.

11/6/2022: Angry in America, Buses from the Border, Ready or Not

S55 E8
Nov 06, 2022
Social media and political polarization in America; The migrant situation in New York City; What prepping looks like in 2022.

10/30/2022: Belief in the Ballot, Pathogen X, David Sedaris

S55 E7
Oct 30, 2022
Election deniers running for office and allegations about 2020; Searching for the next deadly virus, before it ignites another pandemic; David Sedaris: The 60 Minutes Interview.

10/23/2022: Dominion, American Prairie, Ina Garten

S55 E6
Oct 23, 2022
Dominion Voting Systems and the baseless conspiracy theories surrounding the 2020 Election; American Prairie’s nature reserve; Sharyn Alfonsi speaks with Ina Garten about her journey to becoming one of the country's most beloved cooks.

10/9/2022: Taiwan, After Ian, Church and State

S55 E4
Oct 09, 2022
Life in Taiwan with China flexing its military might; Witnessing the aftermath of Hurricane Ian; Southern Baptist Convention President Bart Barber speaks with Anderson Cooper.

9/25/2022: The Secretary of State, Inside the Committee, Rescuing Reefs

S55 E2
Sep 25, 2022
Secretary of State Blinken tells Scott Pelley about the challenges facing the U.S. around the world; Former GOP Rep. Denver Riggleman says there is “irrefutable” proof of a plot to overturn the 2020 presidential election; Rescuing the world’s coral reefs.

9/18/2022: President Biden, Ebrahim Raisi

S55 E1
Sep 18, 2022
President Joe Biden speaks with Scott Pelley about a variety of topics; Lesley Stahl’s conversation from last Tuesday with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi