• Hope in the Wild

    S2 E10 Lexus at the Nexus

    A rescued grey squirrel named Lexus finds itself at the center of legal red tape and becomes one of Hope's longest tenured patients, while an injured woodpecker wreaks havoc on its rehab unit. (TV-G)

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Hope In The Wild
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Hope in the Wild follows Hope Swinimer, a wildlife rehabilitation expert, and her dedicated team as they rescue and heal injured and orphaned animals of all kinds. Hope's passion for wildlife conservation shines through everything she does to lead her team on their mission to care for and return each animal to the wild. From the pressure of saving an animal in critical condition, to the joy in witnessing its victorious return home, Hope in the Wild will educate viewers on the day-to-day jobs of this animal care team and the species they encounter. This program is specifically designed to further the educational and informational needs of children, has educating and informing children as a significant purpose, and otherwise meets the definition of Core Programming as specified in the Commission's rules.
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Hope in the Wild