• Hope in the Wild

    S1 E8 Seal of Approval

    Hope's team rescues an orphaned seal and attempts to re-release a pair of bald eagles. (TV-G)

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Hope in the Wild - Seal of Approval
S1 E8 Nov 17, 2018
Seal of Approval
Hope in the Wild - Deerly Beloved
S1 E7 Nov 10, 2018
Deerly Beloved
Hope in the Wild - A Flurry of Foxes
S1 E6 Nov 03, 2018
A Flurry of Foxes
Hope in the Wild - What Will Shubie Do?
S1 E5 Oct 27, 2018
What Will Shubie Do?
Hope in the Wild - The First Fisher
S1 E4 Oct 20, 2018
The First Fisher
Hope in the Wild - Poppy and the Puppies
S1 E3 Oct 13, 2018
Poppy and the Puppies
Hope in the Wild - Think Mink
S1 E2 Oct 06, 2018
Think Mink
Hope in the Wild - Hope for Spring Babies
S1 E1 Sep 29, 2018
Hope for Spring Babies
Hope In The Wild
Saturday Mornings
Hope in the Wild follows Hope Swinimer, a wildlife rehabilitation expert, and her dedicated team as they rescue and heal injured and orphaned animals of all kinds. Hope's passion for wildlife conservation shines through everything she does to lead her team on their mission to care for and return each animal to the wild. From the pressure of saving an animal in critical condition, to the joy in witnessing its victorious return home, Hope in the Wild will educate viewers on the day-to-day jobs of this animal care team and the species they encounter. This program is specifically designed to further the educational and informational needs of children, has educating and informing children as a significant purpose, and otherwise meets the definition of Core Programming as specified in the Commission's rules.
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Hope in the Wild