• Inventing Joy

    S1 E1 The Joy Of You

    You can't give to others until you really know who YOU are---at least that's one of the many lessons famed inventor/author/businesswoman Joy Mangaro attributes to her own successes. For more insight on Joy's Blueprint to a more joyful life, read her new book called Inventing Joy. Watch CBS All Access this November to see exclusive clips about Joy Mangano's latest project.


Joy Mangano
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Joy’s rise from a single mother of three to one of the nation’s most-celebrated female inventors is truly what dreams are made of. Full of twists and turns, work and love, obstacles encountered and overcome, Inventing Joy is a must-read in every aspect. Dive in and be swept along for the ride as she relives her incredible and inspiring journey to joy. But there’s more! Throughout her story, Joy reveals her personal light-bulb moments, including lessons she learned the hard way and principles she still relies on today. It's these thoughts and ideas that continue to be the foundation of her success in business, life, and family. All these concepts come together to form Joy’s Blueprint, a resource that will help you live your most joyful life, and a guide Joy delivers to the world for the first time in Inventing Joy.
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Inventing Joy