Season 5

Episode Guide

Welcome Back to the Neighborhood

S5 E1
Sep 19, 2022
When Dave decides to disconnect the Johnson home from the grid, he inadvertently causes a community-wide power outage, much to Calvin's frustration on the fifth season premiere.

Welcome to the Pit Stop, How May I Help You?

S5 E2
Sep 26, 2022
When Calvin takes Dave's suggestion to try a new method of promoting his business, he soon comes to regret it. Also, Gemma recruits Tina to rescue her struggling after-school music program.

Welcome to the Ballgame

S5 E3
Oct 03, 2022
When Malcolm treats Calvin, Dave, Gemma and Grover to VIP tickets to a Dodgers game, the outing isn't quite a home run. Also, Marty's movie night with fiancée Necie goes sideways when Tina decides to join.

Welcome to the New Deal

S5 E4
Oct 10, 2022
When Calvin is overwhelmed by work, Dave volunteers to counsel his friend, while also logging hours necessary for his therapist certification at the VA.

Welcome to the Art of Negotiation

S5 E5
Oct 17, 2022
When Dave is up for a promotion at work, Calvin tries to help him negotiate a raise from his penny-pinching new boss, Gregory (guest star John Ross Bowie). Also, Tina struggles with whether to share some sensitive information with Gemma.

Welcome to the Hot Prospect

S5 E6
Oct 24, 2022
When Calvin stumbles upon a big business opportunity, he must convince Malcolm to help him so he can seal the deal. Also, Gemma is forced to confront a secret from her beauty pageant past when a friend from her hometown arrives.

Welcome to the Working Week

S5 E7
Nov 14, 2022
When Calvin hires Grover to work part-time at his business, he soon realizes the pre-teen is not a good fit. Also, Marty and Necie reconsider their living situation.

Welcome to What Used to Be the Neighborhood

S5 E8
Nov 21, 2022
When Calvin's favorite restaurant closes and is replaced by a flashy pet spa, he worries the community is losing too many small businesses and starts a campaign to only buy local.

Welcome to Our Time

S5 E9
Dec 05, 2022
Calvin weighs the pros and cons of making a major life change. Also, Marty turns to Dave for help dealing with a troubling discovery.

Welcome to the Getaway

S5 E10
Jan 16, 2023
Calvin and Tina decide to take the honeymoon they never had to Madrid. Also, Dave and Gemma team up with Malcolm and Marty on a project intended to surprise Calvin upon his return.

Welcome to the Cornhole

S5 E11
Jan 23, 2023
When Tina insists Calvin find something to do in retirement, he decides to enter a competitive cornhole tournament - even though he's never played before. Also, Marty plans an elaborate "groom-posal" to ask Malcolm to be his best man.

Welcome to the Bachelor Party

S5 E12
Feb 06, 2023
A bombshell about Marty's future plans leaves Calvin and Tina reeling, and Dave unleashes his wild side at Marty's bachelor party.

Welcome to the Last Dance

S5 E13
Feb 13, 2023
The Butlers and Johnsons come together to support Marty in the aftermath of a major life change.

Welcome to New Beginnings

S5 E14
Feb 27, 2023
When a new business in the community begins using Calvin's likeness without his permission, Dave volunteers to mediate on his friend's behalf.

Welcome to the Next Big Thing

S5 E15
Mar 13, 2023
Calvin and Marty consider starting a new business together. Also, Dave sets up a mini library stocked with a self-help book he authored.

Welcome to the Jungle

S5 E16
Mar 20, 2023
When a mountain lion gets loose in the area, the Butlers and Johnsons must shelter in place together, leading to some unexpected revelations.

Welcome to the Milestone

S5 E17
Apr 10, 2023
Calvin struggles to find the perfect birthday gift for Tina. Also, Gemma works a connection to actor Jerry O'Connell, whose kids attend Walcott Academy, to secure VIP tickets to THE TALK for her school's fundraiser, on THE NEIGHBORHOOD's 100th episode.

Welcome to the Future

S5 E18
Apr 17, 2023
Calvin and Marty encounter difficulties trying to secure financing for their new business. Also, Dave invites his boss, Gregory (guest star John Ross Bowie), to Grover's 13th birthday party, much to Gemma's frustration.

Welcome to the New Do

S5 E19
May 01, 2023
With her usual stylist unavailable, Gemma decides to use Tina's hairdresser for an important work event. Also, Malcolm discovers a connection with his new professor.

Welcome to the Other Neighborhood

S5 E20
May 08, 2023
Calvin and Marty are surprised when their new business sparks protests from residents concerned about gentrification. Also, Grover's family tree project reveals fresh details about the whereabouts of Dave's estranged father, who left when he was a child.

Welcome to the Fatherhood

S5 E21
May 15, 2023
When Dave's estranged father, Lamar (Kevin Pollak), arrives in town eager to reconnect, his son finally learns the truth about his disappearance 30 years prior. Also, Marty struggles to fire an underperforming employee.

Welcome to the Opening Night

S5 E22
May 22, 2023
Calvin pushes Marty to move up the opening of their new business to get a valuable celebrity endorsement from D.L. Hughley.