Season 5

Episode Guide

Hero's Journey

S5 E1
Sep 20, 2022
The team pivots when their sting operation to secure a massive bomb from an illegal broker leads them to discover that the device is already in the wrong hands.

Love is Blind

S5 E2
Sep 27, 2022
When an officer is shot dead at a pawn shop along with the store's owner, the team tries to figure out why a young, recent Ivy League dropout is tied to the crime.

Prodigal Son

S5 E3
Oct 04, 2022
As the team investigates a deadly robbery that garnered a cache of automatic weapons for the killers, they discover one of the perps is a classmate of Jubal's son, who is reluctant to cooperate with the case, on the fourth season finale.


S5 E4
Oct 11, 2022
The team investigates a series of brutal assaults while OA withholds information about his own attack and mugging from earlier that morning. Carlos Gomez guest stars as NYPD Detective Chavez, who is tracking the perpetrators of OA's attack.

Flopped Cop

S5 E5
Oct 18, 2022
When a wealthy accountant is gunned down for secretly testifying against a notorious drug lord, the team's investigation leads Tiffany to ask for help from a friend who was formerly with the NYPD and is related to the dangerous crime boss.

Double Blind

S5 E6
Nov 06, 2022
As the team works to rescue a 5-year-old kidnapping victim, Scola suspects the boy's mother isn't being forthcoming about why her son was targeted. Also, Nina struggles to open up to Scola about matters in their relationship.

Ready or Not

S5 E7
Nov 15, 2022
Maggie returns from medical leave to help investigate two homicides: a law student on track to attend the FBI Academy and a young man with possible gang ties. An inadvertent revelation from Maggie causes OA to worry that she is rushing back into the job.

Into the Fire

S5 E8
Nov 22, 2022
When a deadly truck heist arms the killers with enough ammonium nitrate to construct a massive bomb, the team discovers a link to a terrorist group Maggie is working to infiltrate.

Fortunate Son

S5 E9
Dec 13, 2022
A teen shows up at FBI headquarters with a large bag of fentanyl, seeking the team's protection from the men who shot his father. Also, Nina comes to Scola with a proposal he is hesitant to accept.

Second Life

S5 E10
Jan 03, 2023
The abduction of a young woman leads the team back to a cold case from 18 years ago, which pushes Isobel to reconnect with her old partner Jake (Tate Donovan) and take another shot at solving one of her first cases at the Bureau.


S5 E11
Jan 10, 2023
The team jumps into action when JOC analyst Kelly Moran is taken hostage.


S5 E12
Jan 24, 2023
After a mysterious bioweapon leaves two MTA workers dead and one injured, the team rushes to determine who is behind the attack and the location of their next target.


S5 E13
Feb 14, 2023
The team investigates the murder of a professional informant after he's found dead outside an abandoned factory in Red Hook. Also, Maggie reconnects with an old colleague and mentor (Joelle Carter).

Money for Nothing

S5 E14
Feb 21, 2023
After a string of armed robberies target various businesses, the team investigates a suspect who leads them to something much bigger. Also, OA worries about his future when his investments begin to go south.

The Lies We Tell

S5 E15
Feb 28, 2023
When an off-duty diplomatic security agent is fatally shot in New York City trying to apprehend someone, the team investigates if there's a connection to his time working in Croatia.

Family First

S5 E16
Mar 14, 2023
The shooting of a federal corrections officer leads the team to an ex-Marine who has gone rogue ever since he returned from Afghanistan. Tiffany's sister looks to her for guidance when their younger brother begins to lash out.

Imminent Threat - Part Two

S5 E17
Apr 04, 2023
To aid Scola in his undercover mission to find the terrorists believed to be behind the imminent attack in New York City, Maggie calls in Remy, whose well-connected informant from a prior case may be key to moving the operation forward.


S5 E18
Apr 11, 2023
When the deputy commander of an Air National Guard Base is kidnapped and forced to give over access codes, the team must work quickly to find the suspect along with stolen ammunition.

Sins of the Past

S5 E19
Apr 18, 2023
When a trucker is gunned down after a routine trip from Canada, all signs point the team to a noted criminal on the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists list. Also, Jubal gets to work with an old friend and colleague, Detective Jack Lombardo.


S5 E20
Apr 25, 2023
A drug dealer is shot in a federal park and the team sets out to look for his killer; Maggie's sister returns to New York and complicates the case.


S5 E21
May 09, 2023
All eyes are on the team when they try to find out who kidnapped the only child of a prominent U.S senator. The abduction also uncovers a potential link to a similar case that was pushed to the side by local authorities.


S5 E22
May 16, 2023
After finding a group of teens dead from a drug overdose, the team races to find the dangerous dealer and his supplier. Meanwhile, OA questions where he stands in his faith.

God Complex

S5 E23
May 23, 2023
When a prominent doctor is found dead in a ritualistic slaying, the team must race against time to hunt down a religiously motivated serial killer. Also, Scola (John Boyd) faces a life-or-death decision.