Season 23

Episode Guide

Episode 1

S23 E1
Jul 07, 2021
Tonight, 16 strangers will move in with only one goal in mind. To be the last one standing. Inside, 94 cameras and 194 microphones will capture their every move. All summer long they will compete for safety and power. It is a game of skill, strategy, and social manipulation, where each week they must evict one of their own. It is a new era of big risks, big rewards, and the biggest cash prize in B.B. history.

Episode 2

S23 E2
Jul 11, 2021
After the season's first Head of Household is crowned, the Houseguests settle into the Big Brother House.

Episode 3

S23 E3
Jul 14, 2021
The new season of Big Brother rolls on with the first veto competition of the season! Will the veto rock the house?

Episode 4

S23 E4
Jul 15, 2021
It's sink or swim for the surfer and the swimsuit designer in the first live eviction of the summer! Who will stay afloat?

Episode 5

S23 E5
Jul 18, 2021
With a new HoH crowned, who will be the target and who will earn safety in an explosive Wildcard Competition!

Episode 6

S23 E6
Jul 21, 2021
Will it be a drop in the bucket for one of the nominees in a crucial Veto competition? Who has what it takes to sunbathe in the victory?

Episode 7

S23 E7
Jul 22, 2021
In tonight's live eviction, will the Farmer's game head to the Slaughterhouse or will the Black Belt get karate chopped off the block?

Episode 8

S23 E8
Jul 25, 2021
With many house alliances and a wildcard competition, will the HoH be forced to show their cards for nominations?

Episode 9

S23 E9
Jul 28, 2021
With the Power of Veto up for grabs, can the HoH keep the week from spinning out of control?

Episode 10

S23 E10
Jul 29, 2021
In tonight's live eviction, will the flight attendant be blindsided with an early departure? And will the new HoH shake up the house?

Episode 11

S23 E11
Aug 01, 2021
Will the HOH take a big shot in axing their target? And the Wildcard Competition presents the winner with a huge, game changing decision!

Episode 12

S23 E12
Aug 04, 2021
With the Power of Veto on the line, will a nominee get Bumped off the block or will the HoH Set the nominations in stone?

Episode 13

S23 E13
Aug 05, 2021
After tonight's live eviction, it's survival of the fittest as the houseguests compete in an epic battle of endurance to become the next HoH.

Episode 14

S23 E14
Aug 08, 2021
After a sink or swim battle of endurance, who will be the new HoH and who will they nominate for eviction now that the team twist is over?

Episode 15

S23 E15
Aug 11, 2021
Who will bust their butt to earn the Power of Veto and who will get stuck with the first punishments of the season?

Episode 16

S23 E16
Aug 12, 2021
With tension in the house, will the HoH succeed in backdooring his target? And how will America impact the game?

Episode 17

S23 E17
Aug 15, 2021
With the power up for grabs, will the new HOH make a bold move? And the High Rollers Room is open for business!

Episode 18

S23 E18
Aug 18, 2021
OTEV is back! And with the Power of Veto available, will a nominee be safe tonight? And will a second veto be unleashed and change the game?

Episode 19

S23 E19
Aug 19, 2021
After tonight's live eviction, who will be the first houseguest sent to Jury? Plus a new HoH will be crowned.

Episode 20

S23 E20
Aug 22, 2021
Who will the new HoH nominate for eviction? The High Rollers Room is back open for business and will it affect tonights nominees?

Episode 21

S23 E21
Aug 25, 2021
Will the HOHs secret plan come to play? Who will win the power of veto and will it change tonights nominees?

Episode 22

S23 E22
Aug 26, 2021
Who will be the next houseguest sent to jury? And who will obtain the HoH?

Episode 23

S23 E23
Aug 29, 2021
With only 9 houseguests remaining, who will the the new HoH target this week? Or will the Coin Of Destiny impact the game?

Episode 24

S23 E24
Sep 01, 2021
Due to the Coin of Destiny, there is a secret HoH! How will the secret HoH's power affect the game? And with the power of veto up for grabs, will it save one of the three nominees up for eviction?

Episode 25

S23 E25
Sep 02, 2021
Who will be evicted? Who will win the epic battle of endurance to become the new HoH? Plus a sneak peek into the jury house!

Episode 26

S23 E26
Sep 05, 2021
The Big Brother circus continues as a new HOH is crowned, but will a fracture in the Cookout alliance stir things up?

Episode 27

S23 E27
Sep 08, 2021
Prepare to be roasted. Zingbot is back! Plus, with the power of veto on the line, will one of the nominees be saved from the block?

Episode 28

S23 E28
Sep 09, 2021
It's double eviction night! Who will be sent to jury?

Episode 29

S23 E29
Sep 12, 2021
BB Comics Week continues as a new HOH is crowned. And who will be the first member of the cookout to be targeted?

Episode 30

S23 E30
Sep 15, 2021
BB Comics are back! Which houseguest hero will soar to capture the Golden Power of Veto? Will the power be used to save one of the nominees?

Episode 31

S23 E31
Sep 16, 2021
A special 2-hour show. Shocking news - The houseguests find out this will be another double eviction week, forcing the houseguests to play a week's worth of Big Brother in one night! Who will become the new HoH? Who will win Veto? And who will be the next two evicted and join the jury?

Episode 32

S23 E32
Sep 17, 2021
A new head of household will be crowned and secure their spot into the top 3! Which two nominees will find themselves up for eviction?

Episode 33

S23 E33
Sep 22, 2021
With only one week left, our final four houseguests battle it out for the most important veto of the season? Who will win this power to determine who stays and who goes?

Episode 34

S23 E34
Sep 23, 2021
Will nominations for eviction change, forcing final alliances to be tested? Who will be evicted and who will make it to the final three?

Episode 35

S23 E35
Sep 24, 2021
The top three houseguests are surprised with messages from home. Plus witness never before seen laughs, emotions, and drama from this historic season!

Episode 36

S23 E36
Sep 26, 2021
This is the last stop before finale night. Who will advance and be one step closer to taking the grand prize?

Episode 37

S23 E37
Sep 29, 2021
The finale. Season 23 comes to an end and one Houseguest is voted the winner of Big Brother and the grand prize of $750,000.