Season 5

Episode Guide

Episode 31

S5 E31
Sep 21, 2004
It comes down to the wire as the winner of Big Brother 5 is selected.

Episode 30

S5 E30
Sep 17, 2004
The HOH competition heats up.

Episode 29

S5 E29
Sep 14, 2004
In the most unique BIG BROTHER Veto Ceremony of the summer, an ally is betrayed at the last minute.

Episode 28

S5 E28
Sep 11, 2004
The last chance for Nakomis will be the Veto competition.

Episode 27

S5 E27
Sep 09, 2004
Will Diane's betrayal cost Karen the game? Or is cowboy heading for an ambush?

Episode 26

S5 E26
Sep 07, 2004
Nakomis immediately gets her game on, knowing she will need to be sharp if she wants to stay in game.

Episode 25

S5 E25
Sep 04, 2004
Because this is a double eviction week, things go much faster and hectic than usual.

Episode 24

S5 E24
Sep 02, 2004
Adria, almost positive that she will be evicted during the ceremony, gives all of the remaining houseguests a piece of her mind.

Episode 23

S5 E23
Aug 31, 2004
Out of allegiance to Will and a desire to get a strong player out of the Big Brother 5 House, two houseguests are thrown up on the block.

Episode 22

S5 E22
Aug 26, 2004
Houseguests make a promise that Will will be avenged

Episode 21

S5 E21
Aug 24, 2004
After one of the stranger Power of Veto ceremonies, a family member is betrayed.

Episode 20

S5 E20
Aug 21, 2004
Nakomis puts not one but two twins on the block, seemingly ensuring that one of them will be leaving.

Episode 19

S5 E19
Aug 19, 2004
Drama ensues during the eviction ceremony.

Episode 18

S5 E18
Aug 17, 2004
Will and Marvin, nominated for eviction, compete for the Power of Veto.

Episode 17

S5 E17
Aug 14, 2004
The united alliance that evicted Jase from the House appears to be crumbling.

Episode 16

S5 E16
Aug 12, 2004
Thinking he saved himself, Jase gets bounced by a near-unanimous vote.

Episode 15

S5 E15
Aug 10, 2004
In this episode, the power of veto is up for grabs.

Episode 14

S5 E14
Aug 07, 2004
One of the houseguests starts thinking strategy when Nakomis forms a fool proof plan to eradicate the house of the one of the power players.

Episode 13

S5 E13
Aug 05, 2004
Scott, the virtual founder of the once-powerful Four Horsemen, is shown the door.

Episode 12

S5 E12
Aug 03, 2004
Jase wins the Golden Power of Veto, forcing Head of Household Diane to nominate another person for eviction.

Episode 11

S5 E11
Jul 31, 2004
The new Head of Household, Diane, attempts to get rid of a power player in the house by nominating Jase and Scott for eviction.

Episode 10

S5 E10
Jul 29, 2004
After being spied on, Holly is evicted by a near-unanimous vote of 7 to 1.

Episode 9

S5 E9
Jul 27, 2004
Nakomis wins the Power of Veto, and she removes herself from the chopping block.

Episode 8

S5 E8
Jul 24, 2004
As soon as Drew wins Head of Household, he finds himself being barraged by advice, counsel, and commentary by every single player in the game.

Episode 7

S5 E7
Jul 22, 2004
Jase's decision to use the Golden Power of Veto on Holly proves to be a good thing for Marvin and the rest of the Four Horsemen.

Episode 6

S5 E6
Jul 20, 2004
In a riveting competition called "Snag the Veto", Jase emerges victorious over a hard-working Lori to grab the Power of Veto.

Episode 5

S5 E5
Jul 17, 2004
Nomination day arrives, and Head of Household Marvin begins his deliberations.

Episode 4

S5 E4
Jul 15, 2004
Despite his best efforts to plant seeds of doubt about the power of the Scott and Jase alliance, a houseguest gets evicted.

Episode 3

S5 E3
Jul 13, 2004
The noose continues to tighten around Mike's neck as Scott wins the Power of the Veto in the "Flaringo" ring toss game.

Episode 2

S5 E2
Jul 08, 2004
Michael decides to reveal to the Four Horsemen that Jennifer, a.k.a. Nakomis, is his half-sister.

Episode 1

S5 E1
Jul 06, 2004
It's the first show of a new BIG BROTHER season, and this year's theme is Do Not Assume.