Season 6

Episode Guide

Episode 1

S6 E1
Jul 07, 2005
It's the "Summer of the Secrets" for the new houseguests of the sixth season of Big Brother.

Episode 2

S6 E2
Jul 12, 2005
Rachel discovers a secret bedroom in the house, and when she tells the other competitiors, they get upset.

Episode 3

S6 E3
Jul 14, 2005
Amid a barrage of rumors and discussions about the imminent eviction, Julie Chen reveals the seven secret pairs.

Episode 4

S6 E4
Jul 16, 2005
Eric, the new Head of Household, appears to be growing thin on many of the houseguests.

Episode 5

S6 E5
Jul 19, 2005
Hours before the Power of Veto contest, two fights break out beween Ivette & Kaysar and Eric & Michael, forcing the Big Brother producers to break up the fight.

Episode 6

S6 E6
Jul 21, 2005
As their time in the house together winds down, Michael and Janelle's flirtation evolves into a deep attraction, involving lots of displays of affection.

Episode 7

S6 E7
Jul 23, 2005
The new Head of Household takes the matters of the house into his own hands.

Episode 8

S6 E8
Jul 26, 2005
Kaysar puts his plan into motion, and approaches certain people to join an alliance with him.

Episode 9

S6 E9
Jul 28, 2005
Things begin to cool down in the house when the houseguests gather around in the living room and spill most - if not all - of their secrets.

Episode 10

S6 E10
Jul 30, 2005
Maggie attempts to wreak havoc on the house after Eric's eviction by trying to take out a power player in the house with her nominations.

Episode 11

S6 E11
Aug 02, 2005
Eric's eviction continues to play a part in the house, as Ivette has a meltdown because of it, and Maggie continues to seek her revenge on those who ousted Eric.

Episode 12

S6 E12
Aug 04, 2005
In the fourth live show of the season, host Julie Chen reveals some surprising news: one evicted houseguest will be brought back into the game.

Episode 13

S6 E13
Aug 06, 2005
Instead of going along with their alliance, Head of Household Howie and his partner, Rachel, work together with "The Friendship" to try to get double-crosser James out of the house.

Episode 14

S6 E14
Aug 09, 2005
James and Sarah, shocked and betrayed at Howie's nominations, vow to win the veto in order to keep James alive.

Episode 15

S6 E15
Aug 11, 2005
Julie Chen announces the news that everyone has been waiting for: which evicted houseguest will be reentering the game, which she ultimatley reveals is fan favorite.

Episode 16

S6 E16
Aug 13, 2005
The Head of Household challenge from last week's episode culminates in the longest competition in Big Brother history - over 12 hours.

Episode 17

S6 E17
Aug 16, 2005
The members of the Soverign Five fight as hard as they can to persuade Jen not to waver from their initial agreement to rid the house of a certain roommate.

Episode 18

S6 E18
Aug 18, 2005
With Jennifer's choice of nominating house favorite Kaysar for eviction, the entire house clashes against each other, and Jen isn't the only victim.

Episode 19

S6 E19
Aug 20, 2005
Janelle and Howie are still fuming over Kaysar's eviction, and now that they have the power, they rub it in the faces of "The Friendship."

Episode 20

S6 E20
Aug 23, 2005
James struggles to continue to play both sides and, doing what he feels will be best for him.

Episode 21

S6 E21
Aug 25, 2005
As James continues to play both sides, the other players are slowly beginning to realize that they will need each other in order to win.

Episode 22

S6 E22
Aug 30, 2005
Janelle and Howie look to the future and scramble to find a way to survive in the Big Brother 6 house when an unexpected opportunity falls in their lap.

Episode 23

S6 E23
Sep 01, 2005
James has been successfully "backdoored" by the rest of the house, giving him no chance of saving himself. Still, he doesn't give up without a fight.

Episode 24

S6 E24
Sep 03, 2005
In the action-packed double eviction week episode, Howie and Janelle follow through with their plans to split up the last "secret" pair in the house.

Episode 25

S6 E25
Sep 06, 2005
Janelle and Howie, who expect to be nominated, think out a potential plan for both of them to stay in the game.

Episode 26

S6 E26
Sep 08, 2005
Janelle's plan to keep Howie in the house falls through when Ivette singlehandedly sends Howie into the sequester house.

Episode 27

S6 E27
Sep 10, 2005
Janelle wins a trip to the set of Two And A Half Men.

Episode 28

S6 E28
Sep 13, 2005
The Friendship Alliance appears to crack when Ivette wins the Golden Power of Veto.

Episode 29

S6 E29
Sep 16, 2005
After a grueling three-part competition, the winner makes a decision that may change the jury's opinion of them.

Episode 30

S6 E30
Sep 20, 2005
A vote is held to determine the winner of the game, one of the most surprising and personal seasons of the show ever.