Season 18

Episode Guide

Episode 42

S18 E42
Sep 21, 2016
Who will become the final HoH and who will make it to the final 2? Thirteen house guests have departed and tonight, nine will have to make a difficult decision. Who will be crowned winner of Big Brother and walk away with the half million dollar prize, and who did America vote as their favorite house guest? Find out tonight, live on the season finale of Big Brother.

Episode 41

S18 E41
Sep 16, 2016
The battle for the final HoH begins. Plus the Final Three celebrate the Summer.

Episode 40

S18 E40
Sep 14, 2016
It's the final and most important veto of the summer. Who will secure their safety and who will be evicted. Plus, emotions explode at the jury house.

Episode 39

S18 E39
Sep 13, 2016
Tonight, will a super-powered Veto save Paul or Victor? Plus who will be evicted and who will become the new HoH? Also, Season 16 winner Derrick weighs in on the Final Five.

Episode 38

S18 E38
Sep 11, 2016
With only five remaining, a slippery battle for HoH concludes. Who will slide into power and who will be nominated for eviction? Plus, will the Final Four remain loyal to each other or will the season of back-stabs and betrayal continue?

Episode 37

S18 E37
Sep 08, 2016
Either James or Natalie will leave the game but will they be torn apart before a single vote is cast? Plus, Michelle arrives at the jury house and BB favorites, Jeff and Jordan, are back.

Episode 36

S18 E36
Sep 07, 2016
Tonight, can the Power Of Veto save James or Natalie? Plus, will being on the block together tear them apart?

Episode 35

S18 E35
Sep 04, 2016
Which houseguest will "Egg-cel" to become the new HoH and with three duos left in the game, which pair will end up on the block?

Episode 34

S18 E34
Sep 01, 2016
Either Michelle or Paul will head to jury, plus will Corey cash in on the BB bribe and the battle for power begins again.

Episode 33

S18 E33
Aug 31, 2016
Tonight, will the Power Of Veto save Michelle or Paul? Plus, it's Christmas in August in the Big Brother House.

Episode 32

S18 E32
Aug 28, 2016
Which jury member will make it back into the Big Brother house, and which current Houseguest will win HoH? Plus, America awards its final care package of the summer.

Episode 31

S18 E31
Aug 25, 2016
Tonight, either Victor or Corey will be evicted and join the other jurors in an epic battle to return to the game.

Episode 30

S18 E30
Aug 24, 2016
Tonight, the nominations ignite a war of words in the house. Plus the Power Of Veto is on the line.

Episode 29

S18 E29
Aug 21, 2016
With the power up for grabs, the Houseguests enter the dreaded Black Box. Will they survive the scariest HoH competition yet? Plus, who will get America's latest care package?

Episode 28

S18 E28
Aug 19, 2016
Big Brother throws the Houseguests the ultimate summer bash, where they'll compete for prizes, perks and power. Also, Ziggy Marley stops by to surprise the Houseguests with a special performance.

Episode 27

S18 E27
Aug 18, 2016
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house, Paulie or Corey and do either of them possess a round trip ticket to get back into the game?

Episode 26

S18 E26
Aug 17, 2016
Tonight, will the Power Of Veto save Paulie or Corey from the block? Plus, it's the night you've been waiting all summer for, Zingbot is back!

Episode 25

S18 E25
Aug 14, 2016
Tonight, see the explosive series of events that went down just 24 hours leading up to the double eviction. Plus, who will become the next HoH, and who will be on the chopping block?

Episode 24

S18 E24
Aug 11, 2016
Tonight either Zakiyah or Michelle will be evicted, but they won't be alone as it's double eviction night!

Episode 23

S18 E23
Aug 10, 2016
Tonight the Power Of Veto is on the line, will it save Zakiyah or Michelle?

Episode 22

S18 E22
Aug 07, 2016
Tonight, who will rise to power, who will emerge as the next target, and how will America's care package shake up the game?

Episode 21

S18 E21
Aug 04, 2016
Tonight, Da'Vonne or Bridgette will be evicted. Does either hold the round trip ticket or will one of them become the first member of the jury? Plus, the battle for HoH begins on Big Brother.

Episode 20

S18 E20
Aug 03, 2016
Tonight, the Power Of Veto is up for grabs, will it save Paulie or Bridgette from eviction? Plus, as the Summer heats up, tempers are on the rise.

Episode 19

S18 E19
Jul 31, 2016
Who will rise to power? And who will be nominated? Plus, who will receive the first "Care Package" from America?

Episode 18

S18 E18
Jul 28, 2016
Frank and Bridgette are on the ropes but the secret room just may change the course of the game on Big Brother.

Episode 17

S18 E17
Jul 27, 2016
Who will win the Power Of Veto? And will it be used to save Bridgette or Frank from eviction?

Episode 16

S18 E16
Jul 24, 2016
Tonight, with the return of Victor and the end of the team twist and BB Roadkill, the HoH competition has never been more important. Who will rise to power, and who will be nominated for eviction?

Episode 15

S18 E15
Jul 22, 2016
Four head-to-head battles lead to one previously evicted houseguest returning to the game.

Episode 14

S18 E14
Jul 21, 2016
Will Da'Vonne's game blow up in her face or will the house finally send Tiffany packing?

Episode 13

S18 E13
Jul 20, 2016
Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save Corey, Tiffany or Natalie from eviction?

Episode 12

S18 E12
Jul 17, 2016
Tonight, with the house's plan to take out Frank derailed, who will go on the block? Who will win the Roadkill? And who will lose their mind?

Episode 11

S18 E11
Jul 14, 2016
Will Frank successfully send Tiffany packing or will Da'Vonne lead the charge to take out a different nominee? Also a new HoH will be crowned!

Episode 10

S18 E10
Jul 13, 2016
Tonight the Power Of Veto is up for grabs, will one of the nominees be saved?

Episode 9

S18 E9
Jul 10, 2016
Tonight, Bridgette must nominate two people for eviction. Plus, the BB RV is pulling up to make someone roadkill. Who will be the third nominee? Also, love is in the air as showmances blossom.

Episode 8

S18 E8
Jul 07, 2016
Bronte, Victor or Tiffany face the threat of eviction and entry into the "Battle Back" twist, and a new Head of Household is crowned.

Episode 7

S18 E7
Jul 06, 2016
Tonight, the Power Of Veto is on the line. Will the backdoor plan send Victor to the block? Or will a new target emerge?

Episode 6

S18 E6
Jul 03, 2016
Who will become the new HoH, and which two Houseguests will be nominated for eviction? Plus, the BB Roadkill is back, and the winner will secretly pick a third nominee!

Episode 5

S18 E5
Jun 30, 2016
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother House? Plus the power will once again be up for grabs and another game changing twist will be announced!

Episode 4

S18 E4
Jun 29, 2016
Tonight, it's the first Power of Veto competition of the Summer. Will Paulie, Jozea or Paul be saved from the block?

Episode 3

S18 E3
Jun 26, 2016
Tonight, a brand new competition will change the game once again. How will everyone react when the new twist is unleashed? Plus, with the veterans and newbies at war, who will strike next?

Episode 2

S18 E2
Jun 23, 2016
Tonight, one team must compete against each other, the loser will be the first House Guest sent packing, leaving the reaming three to decide which one of them will be the first Head Of Household of the Summer. Plus, two House Guests will be nominated for eviction.

Episode 1

S18 E1
Jun 22, 2016
Four stowaways secretly tucked away in the house will kick off the two-night premiere event. Four competitions, three twists, two-nights and one Houseguest will be going home before the summer has barely even begun. This summer is guaranteed to be a bumpy ride.