Season 1

Episode Guide

Episode 70

S1 E70
Sep 29, 2000
The winner of Big Brother is announced.

Episode 69

S1 E69
Sep 28, 2000
The remaining House guests bond as their final day in the Big Brother house approaches.

Episode 68

S1 E68
Sep 27, 2000
Another member will be banished on this live episode of Big Brother.

Episode 67

S1 E67
Sep 26, 2000
Everyone opens up about who they nominated and why.

Episode 66

S1 E66
Sep 25, 2000
Josh is having too much fun with the potatoe clock.

Episode 65

S1 E65
Sep 23, 2000
The final nominations, plus an old House guest returns.

Episode 64

S1 E64
Sep 22, 2000
Josh tries to hide a secret message from the rest of his roommates.

Episode 63

S1 E63
Sep 21, 2000
A message in the sky has the House Guests on edge.

Episode 62

S1 E62
Sep 20, 2000
The current House Guests choose a former House Guest to re-enter the Big Brother house.

Episode 61

S1 E61
Sep 19, 2000
The House Guests put up for eviction must plead their case to America.

Episode 60

S1 E60
Sep 18, 2000
A challenged is issued to the houseguests with the chance to broadcast the weather live for CBS on the line.

Episode 59

S1 E59
Sep 16, 2000
On this live edition of Big Brother, the Houseguests give their nominations live for the first time.

Episode 58

S1 E58
Sep 15, 2000
Eddie announces his intention to win at all costs.

Episode 57

S1 E57
Sep 14, 2000
With the end nearing, Eddie vows to play the game more strategically.

Episode 56

S1 E56
Sep 13, 2000
Will the House guests make good on their threat and leave the Big Brother house?

Episode 55

S1 E55
Sep 12, 2000
One House guest remains as the lone hold out in a major group decision.

Episode 54

S1 E54
Sep 11, 2000
The group decides whether or not to stick together in the face of temptation.

Episode 53

S1 E53
Sep 09, 2000
The House guests participate in a challenge involving an obstacle course and Chiquita the dog.

Episode 52

S1 E52
Sep 08, 2000
Jamie wonders if she should have given into temptation, while Eddie absolutely does not.

Episode 51

S1 E51
Sep 07, 2000
Everyone has their mind on the suitcase full of money.

Episode 50

S1 E50
Sep 06, 2000
With 24 hours left, the House guests are faced with the ultimate temptation.

Episode 49

S1 E49
Sep 05, 2000
A woman outside of the house uses a megaphone to inform the House guests about a potential danger.

Episode 48

S1 E48
Sep 04, 2000
Although he wants him to win the Cash, George is worried about Eddie.

Episode 47

S1 E47
Sep 02, 2000
A recap of the past week events.

Episode 46

S1 E46
Sep 01, 2000
Everyone deals with Brittany's banishment in their own way.

Episode 45

S1 E45
Aug 31, 2000
Eddies struggles on who he should put up for nomination.

Episode 44

S1 E44
Aug 30, 2000
George's wife organizes to get Brittany out of the house.

Episode 43

S1 E43
Aug 29, 2000
Cassandra can't decide if she wants to leave the house or not.

Episode 42

S1 E42
Aug 28, 2000
Cassandra tries to help a depressed Brittany deal with the fact that she is nominated.

Episode 41

S1 E41
Aug 26, 2000
Some of the House guests speculate on who nominated them.

Episode 40

S1 E40
Aug 25, 2000
The House guests are grilled Big Brother.

Episode 39

S1 E39
Aug 24, 2000
Jamie receieves a huge surprise for winning the last daily challenge.

Episode 38

S1 E38
Aug 22, 2000
Curtis excepts the fact they he's in the Big Brother house and that there's a game to be played.

Episode 37

S1 E37
Aug 21, 2000
The road map challenge is finally here, as a come-from-behind win shocks everyone.

Episode 36

S1 E36
Aug 18, 2000
Jamie starts to get worried about how the game is changing her.

Episode 35

S1 E35
Aug 17, 2000
After learning Josh's true feelings about her, Brittany confronts him.

Episode 34

S1 E34
Aug 16, 2000
On this live edition of Big Brother, the House guests participate in a challenge where they must make a very tough decision.

Episode 33

S1 E33
Aug 15, 2000
The second Big Brother roast changes Curtis' and Cassandra's outlook on the game.

Episode 32

S1 E32
Aug 14, 2000
Karen's actions during the last nomination ceremony upsets George.

Episode 31

S1 E31
Aug 12, 2000
Curtis believes Karen thinks he betrayed her, causing more drama between the two.

Episode 30

S1 E30
Aug 10, 2000
Karen tries to find out who nominated her for eviction.

Episode 29

S1 E29
Aug 09, 2000
A new twist is added in the game that makes the nomination process more interesting.

Episode 28

S1 E28
Aug 08, 2000
Cassandra is disgusted with the random hook ups in the house.

Episode 27

S1 E27
Aug 07, 2000
The anti-Karen faction slowly begins to grow.

Episode 26

S1 E26
Aug 05, 2000
Jamie and George start to believe that Karen is up to no good.

Episode 25

S1 E25
Aug 04, 2000
After Jordan is evicted, Brittany shifts her jealousy toward Jamie.

Episode 24

S1 E24
Aug 03, 2000
Karen is upset at George after the roast.

Episode 23

S1 E23
Aug 02, 2000

Episode 22

S1 E22
Aug 01, 2000
Jordan provides details about her past.

Episode 21

S1 E21
Jul 31, 2000
Jamie and Cassandra recognize the alliances forming in the house.