Season 6

Episode Guide

Boys vs. Girls

S6 E1
Feb 13, 2003
As the sixteen castaways arrived deep in the Amazon jungle, Jeff shocked the castaways when he divided the castaways into a tribe of men, Tambaqui, and a tribe of women, Jaburu. He gave the castaways their buffs and maps to their respective camps. As Tambaqui arrived at their camp, they had a quick meeting and questioned the women's survival skills. When Jaburu arrived at their camp, Christy shocked her tribemates by announcing that she's deaf. At the immunity challenge, Tambaqui took an early lead, however Jaburu pulled ahead when Daniel and Ryan had trouble with the balance beam. Immunity was won by Jaburu, sending the men to Tribal Council.


S6 E2
Feb 20, 2003
With the need to strengthen their shelter and assign a leader, the Jaburu tribe woke up miserable. Meanwhile, Tambaqui enjoyed a breakfast of manioc flour and set out on a fishing expedition, only to rain on by a heavy rainstorm. Meanwhile, with their faulty shelter, Jaburu struggled to maintain their fire in the rainstorm. Joanna expressed her dislike for the immunity idol because she felt it was against the Ten Commandments. Christy and Joanna argued over Joanna's beliefs. Suspicion arose at Jaburu when a granola bar was found at the bottom of their storage container. Despite being unclaimed, Janet was blamed for smuggling the granola bar. The tribe agreed to throw the granola bar in the fire.

Girl Power

S6 E3
Feb 27, 2003
The women delegate the one person who does not want to be the leader while simultaneously putting off the one who does.


S6 E4
Mar 06, 2003
When one tribe goes out on a group expedition, a left behind tribe member crafts a new strategy for survival.

Pick-Up Sticks

S6 E5
Mar 13, 2003
With Joanna gone, Deena felt she had more leadership than before. Meanwhile, Shawna was ready to give up after her alliance voted against her wishes kept her in the game. Meanwhile at Tambaqui, Alex accidentally sliced his eyebrow as he was cutting firewood. Both tribes received Tree Mail instructing them to send their youngest member, Dave from Tambaqui and Jenna from Jaburu, on a journey. Dave and Jenna met Jeff at a luxury Amazon retreat. Jeff announced that they were going to have a "Get to Know You". Dave listened to the information that Jenna willingly provided about her tribe. She described her friendship with Heidi. As the two awoke the next morning, they found a breakfast waiting for them. As they enjoyed their breakfast, Jeff arrived to announce a twist. Jeff dropped nameplates on the table, each with the name of a castaway. He instructed the two to pick new tribes and told them to alternate between genders.

More Than Meats The Eye

S6 E6
Mar 19, 2003
At Jaburu, Shawna had a romantic interest in Alex. At the reward challenge, it came down to Christy and Jenna to break a tie. Christy outlasted Jenna, winning reward for Tambaqui. With Deena's authority at Jaburu diminishing, she formed an alliance with Rob. Rob then pulled Matthew into their alliance. At the immunity challenge, it was neck and neck until Tambaqui tore off a large piece of meat, winning immunity. After Jaburu returned to camp, Alex and Shawna revealed that they would be voting for Matthew. However Rob had just formed an alliance with Matthew, and chose to target Shawna with Deena, Jenna and Matthew.

Girls Gone Wilder

S6 E7
Mar 26, 2003
Certain women use their bodies in an attempt to gain food...and favor.

Sleeping With The Enemy

S6 E8
Apr 03, 2003
After returning from Tribal Council, Dave felt vulnerable after his ally Roger was eliminated. Dave attempted to secure his position in the tribe by helping Butch construct a dock. The team of Alex, Dave and Deena won the first round of the reward challenge, with Dave winning the final round. Dave chose Deena to join him on the reward. As Dave and Deena enjoyed their reward, Dave lobbied Deena to keep him in the game. Deena agreed to talk to her alliance about keeping him in the game.

The Chain

S6 E9
Apr 10, 2003
The castaways received Tree Mail, along with blow guns, spears and bow and arrows. They were instructed to practice for the reward challenge. Alex won the reward. He chose Jenna to join him on the reward. While Alex and Jenna enjoyed their reward, Deena plotted to oust Alex as she felt he was a physical threat. When Alex and Jenna returned to camp, Heidi revealed Deena's plan to Jenna. Jenna then told Alex that Deena was targeting him for elimination.

Amazon Redux

S6 E10
Apr 17, 2003
The first 27 days in the Amazon are revisited with some never-before-seen footage.

Q & A

S6 E11
Apr 24, 2003
A reward challenge turns into an auction for letters from home and tribe members comfortable in their alliances take it easy.

Sour Grapes

S6 E12
May 01, 2003
As trust in one another crumbles, no castaway has a true understanding of where they stand within the tribe.

The Amazon Heats Up

S6 E13
May 08, 2003
A fire rages through the camp and destroys everything.

...And Then There Were Four

S6 E14
May 11, 2003
Matthew, Rob, Butch and Jenna are the final four. The guys plan an all-male final three, which backfires when Jenna wins the first immunity.

The Reunion

S6 E15
May 11, 2003
Live from the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City, Jeff Probst reveals the $1,000,000 of "Survivor: The Amazon."