Season 3

Episode Guide

Survivor: The Reunion

S3 E15
Jan 10, 2002
Live from Televison City in Hollywood, the castaways reunited to discuss the season. Bryant Gumbel hosts.

The Final Four: No Regrets

S3 E14
Jan 10, 2002
With three days left in Africa, Kim, Ethan, Tom and Lex are all battling it out to win the title of Ultimate Survivor.

Truth Be Told

S3 E13
Jan 03, 2002
After the five remaining Survivors find an unpleasant surprise awaiting them in their water hole, Lex wins the final Reward Challenge, winning a car and the opportunity to take supplies to a local AIDS hospital.

The Big Adventure

S3 E12
Dec 27, 2001
For the reward challenge, the Survivors have to match trivia answers with their loved ones.

We Are Family

S3 E11
Dec 20, 2001
The seven remaining contestants are weary as they welcome the food auction. Lex points out how clever Tom is when he beats other people at checkers.

Dinner, Movie and a Betrayal

S3 E10
Dec 13, 2001
Tensions are high from Lex's snake hunt and voting off Kelly.

Smoking Out the Snake

S3 E9
Dec 06, 2001
Lex tries to figure out who voted for him last time. He is determined to vote off whoever did it, calling that person the "snake".

Look Closer

S3 E8
Nov 29, 2001
New footage highlights a recap and a review of the first 21 days of Survivor: Africa.

Will There Be a Feast Tonight?

S3 E7
Nov 22, 2001
On the twentieth day at the immunity challenge the contestants are informed that they are now one tribe.

I'd Never Do It To You

S3 E6
Nov 15, 2001
With the upcoming merge at hand, members of the Boran Tribe focus on their strategy.

The Twist

S3 E5
Nov 08, 2001
With a tribal council looming, members of the Boran Tribe campaign to stay in the game.

The Young and Untrusted

S3 E4
Nov 01, 2001
Following the Samburu tribe's first tribal council, the younger members realize they have the majority.

The Gods Are Angry

S3 E3
Oct 25, 2001
Terror comes to the Boran Tribe when they find themselves surrounded by roaming lions.

Who's Zooming Whom?

S3 E2
Oct 18, 2001
Tensions mount after one team falls short in a reward challenge.

Question of Trust

S3 E1
Oct 11, 2001
After a seemingly endless journey along an unpaved terrain in a remote Equatorial region of the African Nation of Kenya, sixteen castaways begin the third installment of Survivor.