Season 4

Episode Guide

Back to the Beach

S4 E1
Feb 28, 2002
The contestants break off into two tribes, Maraamu and Rotu.

Nacho Momma

S4 E2
Mar 07, 2002
The Rotu tribe is successful in achieving their second win.

No Pain, No Gain

S4 E3
Mar 13, 2002
One tribe deals with external injusries and the other deals with internal ones.

The Winds Twist

S4 E4
Mar 20, 2002
The game gets shaken up as new tribes are formed.

The End of the Innocence

S4 E5
Mar 28, 2002
Rotu loses both callenges, and there is a surprise elimination.

The Underdogs

S4 E6
Apr 04, 2002
One tribe adopts the "never say die" attitude.

True Lies

S4 E7
Apr 11, 2002
The two tribes are merged into the Soliantu.

Jury's Out

S4 E8
Apr 18, 2002
An alliance is disbanded when one tribe member is voted out.

Look Closer: The First 24 Days

S4 E9
Apr 24, 2002
Watch highlights of the first 24 days on the island of Nuku Hiva.

Two Peas in a Pod

S4 E10
Apr 25, 2002
Sean and Paschal win special prizes.

The Princess

S4 E11
May 02, 2002
Paschal and Neleh win the reward challenge and get resentment from other tribe membersPaschal and Neleh win the reward challenge

Marquesan Vacation

S4 E12
May 09, 2002
The tribemembers get surprise visits from their loved ones.

A Tale of Two Cities

S4 E13
May 16, 2002
One tribemember is stuck choosing sides.

The Sole Survivor

S4 E14
May 19, 2002
The remaining two survivors argue their case for winning.

The Reunion

S4 E15
May 19, 2002
The live votes are tallied and the winner is crowned.