Season 15

Episode Guide

They Thought Godzilla Was Walking Down the Street (Japan/Vietnam)

S15 E1
Sep 27, 2009
Twelve Teams stand at the start line in Los Angeles, Calif., but only 11 will make the journey to Tokyo, Japan as the Racers are faced with a heart-breaking surprise elimination.

It's Like Being Dropped on Planet Mars (Vietnam)

S15 E2
Oct 04, 2009
Teams struggle to combat the hectic pace of Vietnam and one Team puts their own Race in jeopardy by offering to help the competition.

Sean Penn Cambodia Here We Come (Cambodia)

S15 E3
Oct 11, 2009
Teams scramble to spot royalty in the jam-packed streets of Cambodia and one Team monkeys around and breaks the Race's cardinal rule by losing their passport.

I'm Like Ricky Bobby (Dubai)

S15 E4
Oct 18, 2009
Teams sweat it out searching sand dunes for water in the blistering sun and one racer decides to help his competition hoping karma will be on their side in the end.

Do It for the Hood! Do It for the Suburbs! (Dubai)

S15 E5
Oct 25, 2009
Teams slide six stories into a shark tank and one racer must conquer her fear of heights to make it through this leg of the race.

This is Not My Finest Hour (The Netherlands)

S15 E6
Nov 01, 2009
One team musters up the courage to reveal a personal secret to the others, and another Racer breaks down in tears as the stress of the Race mounts.

This Is the Worst Thing I've Ever Done in My Life (Sweden)

S15 E7
Nov 08, 2009
The lack of cooperation hinders one team's efforts at an explosive Detour. Also, during the series' first ever "Switchback," Teams return to one of the most infamous Roadblocks in the history of the show.

We're Not Meant for the Swamp (Estonia)

S15 E8
Nov 15, 2009
The racers end up knee-deep in Estonian bogs, and two teams are neck and neck in their race to the pit stop.

We're Not Working With Anybody, Ever, Anymore! (Czech Republic)

S15 E9
Nov 22, 2009
Tempers flare when one team goes back on their word and a Team spirals into last place when their taxi is stolen by another Team.

It Starts With an "F," That's All I'm Saying (Czech Republic)

S15 E10
Nov 29, 2009
One team decides to take a four-hour penalty when they're unable to complete a Roadblock, and another team dodges intoxicated locals while trying to complete their Detour.

Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound! (Las Vegas)

S15 E11
Dec 06, 2009
A million dollars is at the final three teams' fingertips as they count out a maddening amount of poker chips and race to see "Mr. Las Vegas," who holds the final clue to the one million dollar prize.