Season 16

Episode Guide

Nanna Is Kickin' Your Butt

S16 E1
Feb 14, 2010
Eleven Teams depart L.A., where Racers find themselves dangling 120 feet in the air, battling exhaustion and their fear of heights in order to stay alive in the game, and one Team discovers that Brazilian currency will not get them very far in Chile.

When the Cow Kicked Me in the Head (Chile)

S16 E2
Feb 21, 2010
A Roadblock turns into a recipe for pain when one Racer encounters a moody cow, and things turn sour when a newly formed alliance rubs teams the wrong way.

Run Like Scalded Dogs (Argentina)

S16 E3
Feb 28, 2010
One team ends up in the hospital with food poisoning while the other teams struugle through cowboy challenges to make it through this leg of the race.

We Are No Longer In the Bible Belt (Germany)

S16 E4
Mar 07, 2010
Racers must navigate an unfamiliar and confusing train system without their teammates, take a dive over Hamburg and reunite for a nausea-inducing lesson in German gastronomy.

I Think We're Fighting the Germans, Right?

S16 E5
Mar 14, 2010
A World War I reenactment - complete with air attacks, gunfire and explosions - tests the Racers' nerves, and one Team finds that their cocky attitude may cost them dearly when a Blind U-Turn comes into play.

Cathy Drone?

S16 E6
Mar 21, 2010
Racers are less than bubbly after sprinting to the wrong Detour location, and one Racer tests the power of duct tape after their car becomes a casualty of the Race.


S16 E7
Mar 28, 2010
Teams take a stunning helicopter ride to a remote island paradise where they must race with a giant tortoise and search for a message in a bottle at the bottom of the sea.

You're Like Jason Bourne, Right?

S16 E8
Apr 02, 2010
Teams find that luck doesn't pick sides in a sweat-drenched test of endurance where they must choose to face a 153-step climb or take a 35-foot-high lesson in Chingay.

Dumb Did Us In

S16 E9
Apr 11, 2010
Tempers and tensions flare when Racers place a target on one Team's back, and feuds come to a head when a U-turn comes into play.

I Feel Like I'm in, Like, Sicily

S16 E10
Apr 25, 2010
After noodling their way through their first Roadblock, Teams are forced to complete a second Roadblock, and the fate of two Teams lies in the hands of confused cabbies.

They Don't Even Understand Their Own Language

S16 E11
May 02, 2010
The Final 4 teams struggle with the language barrier in Shanghai while sorting through hundreds of golden Buddha's and thousands of Chinese stamps in their pursuit for a spot in the Final 3.

Huger Than Huge

S16 E12
May 09, 2010
With the million-dollar prize on the line, Racers come face-to-face with Darth Vader, and Teams drop all pretense of friendliness after a cut in line cuts into another Team's time while an angry confrontation awaits another at the finish line.