Season 12

Episode Guide

Donkeys Have Souls, Too

S12 E1
Nov 04, 2007
Eleven teams begin their race from The Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles.

I've Become the Archie Bunker of the Home

S12 E2
Nov 11, 2007
The teams battle through a muddy road block on their way to the Netherlands.

Please, Lord, Give Me Milk

S12 E3
Nov 18, 2007
The teams travel from Netherlands to Burkina Faso.

Let's Name Our Chicken Phil

S12 E4
Nov 25, 2007
The teams continue their race in Burkina Faso.

We've Really Burned Bridges, for Sure

S12 E5
Dec 02, 2007
One team gets in a collision with a bus on their way to Lithuania

Cherry on Top of the Sundae That's Already Melted

S12 E6
Dec 09, 2007
One team makes a costly mistake, and another has trouble with teamwork at the Detour.

This Is Forever, Now

S12 E7
Dec 30, 2007
As teams begin to struggle, the final team to reach the pit stop learns of a new twist.

Honestly, They Have Witch Powers or Something!

S12 E8
Dec 30, 2007
One team's progress halts as another attempts to throw off competitors.

I Just Hope He Doesn't Croak on Us

S12 E9
Jan 06, 2008
One team is dropped off at the wrong airport and one person is too weak to compete in the Road Block.

Sorry, Guys, I'm Not Happy to See You

S12 E10
Jan 13, 2008
The final four teams battle for the top three spots at the end of the race.

The Final Push

S12 E11
Jan 20, 2008
The first team to arrive to the finish line in Ankorage, Alaska wns the $1 million prize.