Season 1

Episode Guide

The Race Begins

S1 E1
Sep 05, 2001
The race begins in Central Park, New York.

Divide and Conquer

S1 E2
Sep 19, 2001
Teams begin to form alliances and one team chooses to use their Fast Foreward.

Home for Some

S1 E3
Sep 26, 2001
The teams make their way through France competiting in some tough challenges along the wsy.

Colossal Showdown

S1 E4
Oct 03, 2001
Tensions begin to rise and team alliances crumble with one debating quitting.

Desert Storm

S1 E5
Oct 10, 2001
One team member gets sick and teams must ride a camel in the Roadblock.

Whatever It Takes to Win

S1 E6
Oct 17, 2001
An air strike causes difficulty for the teams to get on flights and brings tension to the race.

Triumph and Loss

S1 E7
Oct 24, 2001
One team finds the fast foreward and uses it and one team makes a shocking revelation.

Competition to the Fullest

S1 E8
Oct 31, 2001
Teams must choose to either ride an elephant or a boat on the detour, and the last team can breathe a sigh of relef when they discover it's a nonelimination round.

The Unexpected Twist

S1 E9
Nov 14, 2001
Two teams go for the fast foreward and one team receives a penalty for skipping the detour.

To the Physical and Mental Limit

S1 E10
Nov 21, 2001
One team member gets injured during the detour and all teams make it through in an nonelimination round.

Fight to the Last Minute

S1 E11
Nov 28, 2001
Relationship issues arise for one team, and two teams are neck and neck through the race.

Race to the Finish: Part 1

S1 E12
Dec 05, 2001
Teams must walk the Great Wall of China in the Detour and then continue the race in Ankorage, Alaska.

Race to the Finish: Part 2

S1 E13
Dec 13, 2001
The final three teams have to make it back to New York to cross the finish line.