Season 2

Episode Guide

The World Is Waiting: Go!

S2 E1
Mar 11, 2002
The race begins in Las Vegas, Nevada

Help Me, I'm American

S2 E2
Mar 13, 2002
One team loses their wallet and has to beg for moeny to continue the race.

My Alarm Clock Didn't Go Off

S2 E3
Mar 20, 2002
Some teams feel at home in Sierra Leone and one team sleeps throguh their flight.

This Game Is About Minutes

S2 E4
Mar 27, 2002
A feud is brewing between two teams, and one team has issues with the tasks resulting in their elimination.

Welcome to the World of Being Human

S2 E5
Apr 03, 2002
One team encounters their fear on the roadblock which could cost them the race.

I'm Gonna Take His Girl

S2 E6
Apr 10, 2002
The teams avoid elephants at the detour for then to face them head on at the roadblock.

I'm Gonna Throw Up on Phil's Shoes

S2 E7
Apr 17, 2002
Teams are required to operate a crane in the roadblock leading to the elimination of one team.

I'm Not a Miner! No, You're an Idiot!

S2 E8
Apr 24, 2002
In a special two hour episode, the teams race from Hong Kong to Australia.

Ready to Lose Our Lives

S2 E9
May 01, 2002
One team finds the fast foreward, while the rest of the team have to heard sheep.

It's Hammer Time

S2 E10
May 08, 2002
In the race that determines the final three teams, one team gets the fast foreward to secure their spot.

Follow That Plane!

S2 E11
May 15, 2002
The teams stop in Hawaii and Alaska on their way to the $1 million prize in San Francisco.