Season 21

Episode Guide

Double Your Money

S21 E1
Sep 30, 2012
The prize hits an all time high as teams discover that a new twist will allow one team to possibly win a $2 million grand prize. Meanwhile, one team's act of kindness comes back to haunt them.

Long Hair, Don't Care

S21 E2
Oct 07, 2012
One team makes a bold move, but it could cost them the game, while another Racer breaks down amid the frustration of a Roadblock.

There's No Crying In Baseball

S21 E3
Oct 14, 2012
As Teams continue racing through Indonesia, they discover that it's every Team for themselves as they encounter a Double U-Turn, and Teams start to feel the heat of the Race as their heads are set ablaze.

Funky Monkey

S21 E4
Oct 21, 2012
As Team's arrive in Bangladesh, the game gets heated as one Racer's enthusiasm pushes their competition to the reaching point. Meanwhile, one Team performs the unpleasant task as "rat collectors."

Chill Out, Freak

S21 E5
Oct 28, 2012
Teams crumble amidst the intense heat of Bangladesh and emotions propel one Team through the leg after they receive disappointing news from home.

Get Your Sexy On

S21 E6
Nov 04, 2012
Teams endure a steamy detour in Istanbul to keep their race from getting scrubbed. Meanwhile, after finishing last on their previous leg, Josh and Brent must overcome a tasty Speed Bump in order to keep their hopes of racing alive.

Off To See The Wizard

S21 E7
Nov 11, 2012
Teams race to Moscow, Russia, where they find themselves in deep water struggling to stay in sync during a challenge. Meanwhile one team makes a costly mistake that threatens their spot in the Race.

We Was Robbed

S21 E8
Nov 18, 2012
As the competition heats up in Moscow, James and Abba continue on their quest to recover a lost passport. Meanwhile, an ankle injury takes its toll on one racer and threatens the team's ability to finish a challenge.

Fishy Kiss

S21 E9
Nov 25, 2012
As the Teams arrive in Amsterdam, they come face-to-face with a game changing Double U-turn and encounter one of the show's most infamous challenges in this season's "Switchback."

Not A Well-Rounded Athlete

S21 E10
Dec 02, 2012
The final four Teams arrive in Spain and travel to Rafael Nadal's practice courts for a volleying Roadblock. Also, one Team draws blood after getting bullish with a Detour.

Take Down That Million

S21 E11
Dec 09, 2012
With the $1 million dollar prize on the line, the final four teams race through France en route to the finish line in New York City, where they'll encounter a terrifying Houdini-inspired Roadblock.