Season 36

Episode Guide

Save the Stress for Later

S36 E5
Apr 10, 2024
To begin this leg of the Race in Santiago, Chile, teams self-drive in search of Marilyn Monroe's iconic Thunderbird car to receive their next clue.

Those Who Wander Are Not Lost

S36 E4
Apr 03, 2024
Teams paraglide their way to the start of this leg in Medellín, Colombia where they must choose between detours 'getting in sync' or 'decoding a rebus puzzle.'

It's Not Over Til Phil Sings

S36 E3
Mar 27, 2024
Teams climb the stairs to the top of El Peñon de Guatapé in Colombia to find their clue and begin the third leg of the race.

Trust But Verify

S36 E2
Mar 20, 2024
Teams continue the megaleg in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where they must choose between detours that get them ready for a fiesta.

You Can't Drive While You're Crying

S36 E1
Mar 13, 2024
Thirteen new teams embark on the journey of a lifetime when host Phil Keoghan kicks off the 36th season of THE AMAZING RACE. Teams begin in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where they participate in a traditional Mexican rodeo.